Tottenham’s Mauricio Pochettino Killed the Word “Spursy”


As a diehard Tottenham fan, there might not be a word in the English language I hate more than “Spursy.” It describes a self-fulfilling prophecy of defeat that has plagued Tottenham squads of years gone by. Fortunately for myself and millions of other Spurs fans worldwide we now have found relief. Manager Mauricio Pochettino has killed the word.

The Argentinian gaffer has been working on this for a while. Ever since taking the job at White Hart Lane he has set out to systematically change Tottenham’s culture. Players have been given just two options: ship up or ship out.

Some like the inconsistent Emmanuel Adebayor have been banished outright. Even Mousa Dembele who was arguably the Man of the Match that Arsenal took over a year to fully adjust. It hasn’t been an easy transition, but it has now firmly taken hold.

I doubt Pochettino set out on his Tottenham project with the goal of ridding our language from the horrific moniker Spursy. Nonetheless, his work with the team has effectively shot the word in the head. Spurs now play with grit, determination and an insane work rate. They play in their manager’s image. They play as the complete opposite of past Tottenham sides who birthed the Spursy name.

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  • Today’s draw at Tottenham might have been the final nail in the term’s coffin. Spurs were the superior side for the majority of the match, but the performance showed more than just superior quality. Tottenham played the match with real steel and calm. They not only played the part of the better side, they looked it.

    They made Arsenal draw on the emotion of the moment to pull out an equalizing goal. Countless times in recent North London derbies Tottenham has desperately needed the emotion of the moment to buoy their play. That is the sign of an immature, insecure team. The more solid side can continue to play their style of football even in the midst of a cauldron of emotion.

    Pochettino steered Tottenham to keep their head in today’s match even when the inevitable pressure arrived. True, Arsenal was able to find an equalizer, but it did not go any further. Spurs didn’t do the Spursy thing and fold like a cheap suit. They shrugged the equalizing goal off and finished the game successfully. Of course, some fans feel like the team lost two points, but that only reinforces my point.

    Under no other manager in recent memory could we go to the Emirates and feel jilted at only one point. The fact that fans feel even a tinge of disappointment is a testament to how far the club has come. Expecting to go to the Emirates and take three points from an Arsenal side with a chance to go to the top of the table doesn’t sound very Spursy to me.

    So fans let us acknowledge Pochettino’s hard work and the literary homicide he has committed for us. Stop using the word that describes Spurs as weak and without constution. Instead, recognize the fact that we play differently now. Celebrate the side that plays in our tough-minded manager’s image. Never say Spursy again. Poch killed it.