Cesc Fabregas is Leading Chelsea Mutiny Against Mourinho


Rumors have been swirling around Chelsea for most of the season related to manager Jose Mourinho’s relationship with his players. First the tabloids focused on a rift between he and Captain John Terry, but as of late, Cesc Fabregas has been the rumored “rat.” Until his recent comments regarding current Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola I was inclined to believe him. After those remarks, I’m convinced that he is the player killing Jose Mourinho behind the scenes.

Fabregas came out and made public comments on his certainty that Guardiola would test himself in the Premier League. To make these comments you must either believe that Fabregas is stupid or trying to undercut his manager. Despite the fact that he’s a former Arsenal man I don’t think he’s stupid.

Instead, he is a clever player who is playing both sides of the fence. In public, he is making us all believe that he fully supports his manager. He has even taken to his social media accounts to assure us that he isn’t the player who is badmouthing Mourinho behind closed doors. Of course, if he was the player leading the mutiny, do you really think he’d tell us via Facebook or Twitter?

Of course not. If he is the one stabbing the Special One in the back he would go to great lengths to convince us that he isn’t. He doesn’t want the blood of a managerial firing on his hands. Especially the blood of a manager who is exceedingly popular with the Chelsea faithful despite the recent run of bad form. He’s too smart to ruin his reputation at the club by publicly calling for his manager’s head.

Instead, he’s working behind the scenes to force a change. Why else would you go out and publicly comment on another manager? Furthermore, why would you tacitly promote the idea of that big name manager coming to the Premier League? You wouldn’t unless you fancied him to be your manager.

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In criminal cases you frequently hear the police ask if the accused has motive and opportunity. Certainly, Fabregas has both here. He has played a lot for Chelsea on the season, but has been shuffled back between defensive and attacking midfield positions. He also hasn’t played a full 90 minutes in five matches. Mourinho hasn’t mistreated him but he certainly hasn’t been an automatic, must-start player in his preferred position.

Fabregas can also look around and see Mourinho publicly turning on some of the other star players. If Eden Hazard can be publicly questioned by Mourinho, then certainly Fabregas would be wise to fear the same. In fact, Hazard is criticized mostly for his lack of work rate which is an affliction that also plagues Fabregas. He may have the desire to be a box-to-box midfielder, but it’s plain to see that he doesn’t have the legs to do that anymore. He likely knows that his name could be next in Mourinho’s public rants. His motive to bury Mourinho is clear. He wants to hit out at the manager before the manager strikes at him.

With motive proved that only leaves opportunity to consider and he has plenty of that as well. He’s a well-respected international footballer who has a resume that commands the attention of the other players. Whereas someone like John Terry may be seen as “too old” to the young players, Fabregas is still young enough to claim that he’s in his prime. He’s done enough to have the likes of Terry listen to him and still is young enough to get the Kurt Zouma’s of the world to pay attention too. He’s really perfectly aged to turn the locker room against Mourinho.

Cesc Fabregas can claim that he’s not behind the Jose Mourinho player revolt all he wants. If he expects anyone to believe him though, he’d be wise to stop publicly discussing other managers. When he does, he certainly comes off as the lead rat in the Chelsea locker room.