Carlo Ancelotti Would Only Work For Three Premier League Clubs


Carlo Ancelotti is a terrific football manager who could find great success in the Premier League once again. However, he’s not the right sort of manager for very many of England’s top clubs. In fact, he’d only be truly successful if he was managing one of three Premier League giants.

At this point in his esteemed career, Ancelotti just wouldn’t be able to function at a club fighting to avoid relegation. In fact, he wouldn’t even be a good manager for a side that was pushing for Europa League qualification. His greatest skill is taking teams with almost unlimited resources, egos and talent and melding them into incredible footballing sides. He melds top resources and talent to win big trophies. As a result, here are the three clubs where Ancelotti could thrive in the Premier League. Note, that I don’t think a return to Chelsea is one of his desired destinations.

Manchester City- With all the talk of his interest in taking over for Louis Van Gaal at Manchester United, I actually think it’s Manchester’s “other” team that would fit Ancelotti best. While United always has the feel of England’s biggest team, City comes off as a bit more European. This would fit Ancelotti perfectly.

Think about it, the biggest skill Manuel Pellegrini possesses is his ability to manage player egos. He takes monumental talents like Aguero, Toure and Kompany and finds a way to make them fit. He even managed to smooth over Toure’s great birthday cake fit. He can handle the gigantic egos than Manchester City can afford to bring in.

He is not, however, a brilliant strategist. If you look at the talent he trots out onto the pitch every week it’s a wonder how they aren’t running away with the Premier League. What they need is a manager who shares Pellegrini’s ability to manage players, but who is superior tactical acumen. Ancelotti fits this description perfectly. He is not a master tactician either, but he is an upgrade over Pellegrini. More importantly, he might even be the superior manager of egos between the two.

If Carlo Ancelotti really wants to make a glorious return to the Premier League he should do so at Manchester City. They, however, aren’t the only place he could find some glory.

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Manchester United- While he fits better at City, he’d still do a terrific job taking over for Van Gaal at United. He would be the perfect follow-up to Van Gaal’s borderline officious style with the players. Ancelotti would seem like a breath of fresh air to players who might feel stifled by their current manager.

What would be more important for United, is that Ancelotti’s arrival would provide them needed clout in the transfer market. They’ve always had the name, but some players don’t see a Van Gaal coached side in transition as an appealing destination. The world’s biggest players would want to play for Ancelotti due to his reputation as a player’s manager. He could provide fans at Old Trafford a boost in player spirit and player quality.

Arsenal- Let me be clear. I’m not arguing that Carlo Ancelloti is set to replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. My only point is that Arsenal is the type of club where Ancelotti would be successful. At Arsenal, much like Manchester City, the biggest trick is managing the giant egos on the team. Wenger does this masterfully and so too, would Ancelotti.

The other added bonus of Ancelotti at Arsenal would just be a fresh voice. Wenger has presided over the club for so long that some players can’t help but tune him out upon occasion. Bringing in a new manager with such impressive credentials would get every player’s attention immediately. He would never be an oppressive boss, but the change in voice could provide the North London club a much-needed jolt.

Where Will He End Up: If Manchester City stumble in the title race, then Ancelotti would be at the top of their list. I don’t trust their consistency under Pellegrini so be on the look out for him at the Etihad Stadium next season.