5 Crazy Predictions for the Rest of the Premier League Season

Will Diego Costa Finally Snap? Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Will Diego Costa Finally Snap? Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

We’ve had just enough games in the current Premier League season to draw some conclusion on the rest of the year. Predicting things will just continue on as they are isn’t really my style though. I’m going on record with five crazy predictions that I think will come true before the end of the current Premier League season.

This isn’t a column for safe predictions like, “Chelsea won’t get relegated.” A prediction can only make this list if a significant number of people reading it would find it outlandish. Feel free to add your crazy predictions in the comments below.

Riyad Mahrez Will Finish the Season With More Goals than Teammate Jamie Vardy

-This is a half and half bet. Half of my prediction is based on the fact that I believe Mahrez truly is the more talented player. While I think Vardy is quite talented and is clearly on a run of spectacular form, I don’t think it can last an entire season. The other half of the bet is that Vardy’s

hip injury

has me seriously concerned about the number of games he will play the rest of the season. If he isn’t in peak form, they can’t challenge for the top four. If they aren’t challenging for the top four, I could see them resting Vardy late int he year.

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  • Arsenal Will Break the Bank on a Striker Purchase-I’m not sure who Arsene Wenger will choose to purchase in the January transfer window, but I think this will be the year the Gunners go all in. They have their best chance to win a Premier League title in years and a gaping hole at the striker position. Unless Danny Welbeck can come back and seize the position quickly, they’ll push their chips to the middle of the table and spend big. Don’t kid yourselves, Arsene Wenger isn’t getting any younger. He only has a couple of shots left at bringing a Premier League title to the Emirates.
  • Diego Costa Will Finally Snap-The signs are already there that has mental psyche is fraying with each passing game. He’s not scoring goals and is increasingly resorting to agitating opponents as his only way to influence the match. This is a man who honestly accused a defender of smelling bad his last time out. It’s only a matter of time before he lashes out and gets in a real tussle with an opposing player. I just hope the referee will spot his dastardly act. There’s also a strong possibility it’ll lead to his ultimate benching at Chelsea when it happens.
  • A Big Name Premier League Striker Will Be Pursued by Real Madrid-Karim Benzema is in well documented legal troubles and I can’t see Los Blancos relying on him long-term. Would you want to rely on someone accused of being involved in a sex-tape scandal and cocaine ring to lead your line? Me neither. As such, Real Madrid will chase one of the Premier League’s best and brightest hit men as a replacement. I don’t think a move will come off, but it’ll be close enough to make fans of one Premier League team sweat profusely. If I was a Sergio Aguero fan at Manchester City, I’d keep an eye on this.
  • Garry Monk Will be Fired by Swansea and Subsequently Hired By A Club Higher in the Table-I’ve already gone on record saying that Swansea would be fools to let Monk go, but the smoke signals keep rising. If Monk can’t find a way to win over some more players in his locker room, then Swansea ownership may have no choice but to make a change. If they do, it’ll be to the delight of some other Premier League team. He won’t stay unemployed long. He’ll likely be hired by a Premier League team that will occupy a higher spot in the Premier League table.
  • Hope you enjoyed these crazy predictions. We know there will be a ton of surprises the rest of the way in the Premier League. Do you think I got any right? Let me know in the comments section below.