PSG Wants Ronaldo to Fill Ibrahimovic Void


PSG is reportedly set to offer Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo a gigantic contract to remain relevant after the departure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

PSG’s reported gigantic contract offer to Ronaldo reeks of desperation. The higher-ups at the French giants know that star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic will leave the club after this season and it has them scrambling. They are panicking to find a star to fill the void that Ibra’s departure will create.

I can’t blame PSG for being worried that the team will slip in terms of global perception once Ibra moves on. They’re quite right. They dominate Ligue 1 to such an extent that those outside France don’t find the league’s title race to be all that compelling. This season, they already have a 13 point advantage in the table and their winning the title is all but assured barring a catastrophic collapse. The only time fans pay attention to PSG is during Champions League play.

That’s a problem for PSG ownership. Champions League play can be financially lucrative, but it only happens so many times a year. They know they need to generate worldwide fan interest during their domestic league play in order to maximize their profits. Currently, the presence of Ibrahimovic in their side is enough of a star attraction to make their league matches interesting. Once he leaves, there’s a real concern that outside of France, no one will pay them any attention.

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That’s why they are making such an obscene offer for Ronaldo. They are terrified of what life for them will be like without a global star to anchor their side. That puts them in an unenviable position where they have to move quickly and forcefully to replace their talisman.

Replacing Ibrahimovic will not be cheap. To PSG’s credit they understand the need to shell out big money to fill his void. There are only a few players in the world who can command the type of attention to keep PSG relevant all year. They have to find a way to purchase an unquestioned superstar. We aren’t talking about purchasing a promising prospect, we are talking about making a move for a finished product.

There might be less than ten players on the planet that can satisfy PSG’s thirst for a star. Most players of that level are completely off-limits. PSG can offer all the money they have and still won’t sniff Messi, Neymar or Pogba. Ronaldo is on top of the achievable list for the French champions and that’s why they are moving so fast in his direction. They hope a quick, bold offer for the Portuguese star will appeal to his vanity and turn his head away from Real Madrid.

PSG’s offer to Ronaldo is likely to be the first in a series of desperate attempts to secure the type of star they desperately need. The offers will get larger and more desperate as Ibrahimovic’s departure becomes closer and closer.