Chelsea can’t afford Harry Kane


Chelsea is rich, but not rich enough to pry striker Harry Kane away from Tottenham

Chelsea is one of the world’s richest football clubs. Today, reports have surfaced that the Blues will try to flex their financial muscle in an attempt to purchase Tottenham striker Harry Kane. Not even Chelsea has that much money.

Harry Kane might be the most expensive purchase in England. That’s not to say he is the Premier League’s best player, but he does have the most value to his club. Chelsea’s desire to purchase the young striker is understandable, but pure fantasy.

Good feelings are spreading around White Hart Lane like never before. Manager Mauricio Pochettino has piloted Tottenham to one of its best Premier League starts in club history and has many thinking that the top four is well within Spurs’ grasp. Tottenham will be looking to add players in January as opposed to selling key pieces.

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Kane, is certainly an integral part of the Tottenham attack. He is the club’s only pure striker and has recently rediscovered his goal scoring touch. He’s irreplaceable for the North London side.

Additionally, if Daniel Levy sold Harry Kane the whole of North London might burn down. Fans would absolutely riot against ENIC and the rest of the ownership group. Even Levy won’t be tempted by the huge sums of money Chelsea might offer due to fear for his own safety.

This may come as a shock to Chelsea fans, but it’s entirely possible that Kane wouldn’t want to join the Blues at any price. Even if Tottenham was willing to sell, Kane’s desire to stay in North London with his boyhood club might put his wage demand’s out of even Chelsea’s price range. Kane has some choice in terms of his future and he’s shown no signs of wanting to leave Tottenham.

Tottenham is entering a potential golden age under Pochettino. Kane is the leader of an extremely young core that includes other potential stars Christian Eriksen, Dele Alli and Eric Dier among others. Why would Kane be willing to give up on that project to join that soap opera of 15th place Chelsea? He has a much better chance of immediate success under Pochettino at Spurs.

Chelsea can dream up any offer they like to purchase Harry Kane but it won’t be enough. The star striker is too precious to Tottenham. If they let him go they may never again have a star with such deep roots at the club. He is the best chance they may ever have to keep a world-class player at White Hart lane for his entire career.

Chelsea is free to make any offer they like for Kane, but their offers which just be a waste of paper. Kane won’t be leaving Tottenham in January for any price.