5 Premier League strikers better than Jamie Vardy

Photo Credit: Pioeb, Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Pioeb, Wikimedia Commons /
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Photo Credit: Pioeb, Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Pioeb, Wikimedia Commons /

Jamie Vardy has lit the Premier League on fire this season, but he isn’t among the top five strikers fans should want on their side

Jamie Vardy has been absolutely brilliant for Leicester City all season. He’s got a fairy tale story and he deserves 100% of the plaudits he’s received from fans and pundits alike. Even so, he isn’t the Premier League’s best striker. In fact, there are five other strikers I’d prefer to have when building my Premier League squad.

This article isn’t a shot at Vardy. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his season and all the story behind it. In fact, Leicester has been my second favorite side (behind Tottenham of course) to watch this season. Still, those who are calling him the Premier League’s top striker have lost touch with reality. He’s having an excellent season, but there are several strikers that you’d take over Vardy if you were building your own squad.

My rules for evaluation on this topic are pretty simple. It’s a question of who you’d want to be your starting striker in the Premier League if you were starting a team from scratch. I’m conceptually thinking of what striker I’d want over the next three years. That gives every top striker a chance to be included, no matter their age. Young players get the benefit of a couple of years of development while more mature players don’t have to go too far into their likely declines.

Read on and discover the five Premier League strikers that I’d prefer over Vardy given these parameters. As always, register your thoughts in the comments field below where debate and discussion is always welcome.

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