Sergio Aguero is pushing for Real Madrid move

Could Sergio Aguero be on the way to Real Madrid? Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
Could Sergio Aguero be on the way to Real Madrid? Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports /

Aguero’s public comments about not signing a new Manchester City contract lend credence towards Real Madrid transfer rumors

Sergio Aguero is an exceedingly clever player on the pitch, but we might be underestimating his ability to orchestrate things off the pitch. His recent comments that he won’t sign another contract at his current club, Manchester City, tell me that there’s some truth behind Real Madrid’s reported interest in the dynamic attacker.

Aguero claims that he’s not going to sign another contract at Manchester City because he plans to return home and play for his home club Independiente in Argentina. This paints a lovely picture of an aging superstar that wants to return home and ply his trade for his hometown club while he still can. The only trouble is that Aguero’s contract runs out in 2019, when he’ll be just 31 years old. Yes, that’s on the older side for a striker, but given Aguero’s current form it’s far from a certainty that he’ll need to semi-retire at that point. Something about the story just didn’t sit well given the age of the Argentine striker.

That’s where I think the interest in Real Madrid comes into play. There have periodically been reports of Los Blancos interest in the talented striker, but they seem to be picking up steam as of late. Buzzsport recently began reporting a potential 70 million pound deal between City and Real Madrid for Aguero. I don’t know about you, but that figure seems about right to me.

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Consider too that Real Madrid could easily be in the market to replace superstar Cristiano Ronaldo this summer. Could you realistically think of a better replacement than Aguero? He’d provide the Spanish giants with a world-class striker (especially helpful if Karim Benzema’s off the field issues force his departure) and someone who would fit very well alongside Gareth Bale. Aguero and Bale would offer a beautiful partnership in contrast to Ronaldo and Bale’s clumsy combination.

If you’re struggling to see how the two reports play together let me clarify it for you. If Aguero is interested in a move to Madrid, he’ll need to apply some leverage to City to make sure they are willing to make a deal. If he comes out and announces that he won’t sign a new contract with the club, they’ll begin to view him as an expiring asset. That makes it a much easier to sell him at a great premium to Real Madrid. Of course, City are more likely to sell Aguero off if they believe he’s headed home to Argentina in 2019.

Perhaps Sergio Aguero really does intend to make his glorious return home to his boyhood club after his Manchester City contract expires. However, it seems much more likely that he’s putting this idea out there in an effort to maneuver his way to Real Madrid.