3 transfers that would lead Arsenal to a Premier League title


Arsenal currently reside at the top of the Premier League table but need to strengthen in January to win the title

Arsenal end 2015 at the top of the Premier League table in large part due to the efforts of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. If they want to end their title drought they’ll need to get their stars some help in the January transfer window.

Manager Arsene Wenger knows that his club needs just a little more quality if he wants to end their title drought. That’s why he’s already promised fans that the club will be “busy” during the upcoming transfer window. The question then becomes not if they will buy reinforcements, but who they should purchase. I would make the argument that they don’t need to purchase a great deal of quantity, but instead need to focus on quality.

In particular, they need to purchase a world-class number nine. Olivier Giroud has performed admirably on the season, but he isn’t the striker to take them to the promised land. Here are three players that Arsenal could purchase who would put them over the top in their quest for a Premier League title.

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1. Edinson Cavani, PSG

I can’t understand why PSG would want to sell Cavani with teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic set to leave after the summer, but reports are rampant that they’re willing to let him go in January. The Guardian reports that Arsenal is willing to test that theory with a gigantic offer of nearly 50 million pounds for the talented front man.

If Wenger could pull this off he’d finally quiet the critics who have drilled him over the years over his lack of willingness to spend big on a striker. Cavani would score goals by the bushel given the service Ozil is providing this year and he’d be unplayable alongside Alexis Sanchez. Cavani is such a perfect potential fit for Arsenal that other clubs should be trying to purchase him just to keep him away from The Emirates. Suffice it to say, Wenger should be moving heaven and earth in an attempt to bring Cavani to North London.

2. Javier Hernandez, Bayer Leverkusen

Chicharito might be slightly more attainable than Cavani even though he’s been a revelation in the Bundesliga this season. He wouldn’t provide quite the hulk in front of goal that would really make Arsenal’s attack hum, but his trickery and skill would be a nightmare for opposing Premier League defenders.

The Mexican international would love to come back to the Premier League and prove to Manchester United that he’s more than capable of playing a featured role. Coming back to join Arsenal and lead them to a Premier League title would be the best revenge the talented number nine could ever ask for. Again, I’m not sure that Leverkusen would let him go for anything short of a gigantic transfer fee, but it’d be a worthwhile investment for an Arsenal club that can certainly afford to spend that kind of cash.

3. Riyad Mahrez, Leicester City

Yes, I’m aware that the dynamic Algerian isn’t a true striker, but if Arsenal can add his prodigious talent to their front line they don’t need to play a traditional number nine. They could play a skillful attack where their players like Sanchez, Mahrez and Theo Walcott interchange between the various attacking positions. Can you imagine trying to stop that combination of skill and pace for ninety minutes?

I can’t imagine that Leicester would be willing to sell their star at any price, and to be fair, they’ve said as much. That hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from continually linking Mahrez to Arsenal though. In truth, price shouldn’t be an issue for Wenger on this one. He should offer a figurative blank check in an effort to sign the man who’s been the best player in the Premier League to date. You can’t put a price on a Premier League title and Mahrez could deliver it for the Gunners.