Prediction: Jose Mourinho will go to PSG, not Man United

Could Chelsea actually be relegated?
Could Chelsea actually be relegated? /

Jose Mourinho is better suited to manage at PSG, rather than Manchester United.

As a collective fan base, football fans usually relish in what many pundit’s call the “silly season” This is when the transfer market is open and every player in the world seemingly becomes linked with every club in the world. It’s pretty great and it usually causes most fans to salivate for extended periods of time.

However, the person that manages a football club has also begun to take more priority amongst teams and their fans. There are more high-profile leaders these days and this has created added buzz to an already busy market. Certain names are linked are constantly linked with managerial hot seats, regardless of if they are currently managing a team.

With Pep Guardiola already accepting an offer to manage Manchester City next term, the biggest name on the coaching carousel that will have fans guessing all summer, is Jose Mourinho.

The former Chelsea man is the most coveted leader this summer who is available on the market. The links with the Portuguese tactician have been never-ending. Heck, even the Syrian National Team through their hat in the ring, to which Mourinho respectfully declined.

The links have extended to most major teams in the world and some not so major, from Real Madrid to the United States National Team. However, the largest link has been the concept of Mourinho taking the reigns at Old Trafford.

If we are to believe everything we read, the 53-year-old has always wanted the Manchester United job. Some suggest that he only accepted Abramovich’s offer to return to Chelsea, after United had selected David Moyes to be Sir Alex’s replacement.

Naturally, with Mourinho on the market and Van Gaal continuing to defy the laws of bad management, the rumor linking the former Chelsea man with United’s hot seat makes a lot of sense.

Manchester United need someone to reinvigorate their club and Mourinho has been known to do just that.

However, Jose Mourinho is not the man to take over at Old Trafford. He would be much better suited at PSG.

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United is a club that prides itself on blooding youth talent and incorporating them into the first team. Furthermore, they are seen as a club that is respectful, even-mannered, and built around honoring the club’s legacy. These are all considered high priorities in the red part of Manchester.

However, these are not high up on the list of priorities for Mourinho. The Portuguese manager wants to win at all costs. And he will do whatever it takes to do so.

Therefore, Mourinho is better-suited for PSG. The French club have missed out on the Champions League semifinal once again, bowing out to Manchester City in the quarterfinals. The number one target of PSG right now is to win the Champions League. And Mourinho will have his sights set on the same thing.

Any manager can win the French league with PSG, it’s too easy for them. But Laurent Blanc has shown that he won’t be the man to take PSG to the Champions League final. He has had several chances now and has failed to do so. Mourinho is a different prospect entirely.

He understands what it takes to be successful in that competition. He has beaten the best teams in the world and knows what it takes to advance deeper into the competition, having won it twice already.

PSG need a serial winner like Mourinho to lead their side further into the competition. They would be better off with his style as a manager.

He will think short-term, casting aside what he doesn’t need, bringing in what he does, and could bring PSG Champions League winner’s medals sooner than later. He won’t care about the club’s long-term goals and neither will PSG, not as much as winning now.

Conversely, Manchester United don’t have the same thinking. They build with consistency in mind, with the club’s future an absolute priority. This is not Mourinho’s style and they will be better off with a different manager at the helm. Perhaps, Ryan Giggs.

Overall, PSG should do everything they can to sign Jose Mourinho this summer. He will focus all efforts on winning a Champions League trophy and that’s what PSG seek. They’ll give him the tools and he can create a team to do so.

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If the former Chelsea manager ends up in the French capital, there is a good chance PSG will challenge for a Champions League trophy next season.