Sevilla: 4 reasons they’ll end Real Madrid’s unbeaten streak

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2. Shift in mentality

When the two teams faced off on Thursday, Sevilla knew it was going to take a miracle for them to go through the next round. Although they were relentlessly attacking Real Madrid throughout the game, it was always in the back of their mind that it was unrealistic for them to turn the aggregate around – especially after Marco Asensio’s solo goal that put the tie out of reach for the Andalusians.

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However, this Sunday’s clash will not be under the same circumstances. Sevilla are currently just four points behind Madrid, and a win at home will close the gap to just one point. After recklessly allowing two late goals on Thursday, Sevilla and Jorge Sampaoli will be craving for a win and to end the unbeaten streak of Los Blancos.

They will make sure to sit back and defend properly when they’re leading the match, instead of sending everyone up to get more goals.

The mentality will also not be the same for Real Madrid. Los Blancos players pushed hard for the equalizer during the Copa del Rey fixture because not losing would mean they would beat out their bitter rivals Barcelona to record a new unbeaten streak. However, now that they officially have the best unbeaten record in Spain, they will ease off just a little and may not be able to hold off the angry Andalusians.