Arsenal: Five replacements for Alexis Sanchez

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Mauro Icardi, Inter

Like Dybala, another 23-year-old Argentinian striker starring in Serie A is Mauro Icardi at Inter.  Icardi, who has had his problems this season with Inter’s fans, the Ultras, is more of a poacher than Sanchez with nowhere near the same work rate you see with the Gunners’ current Number 7 but he is a talent that could lead the line and given his experience this season. It might benefit both the player and Inter Milan for a move to happen in the near future.

Where Icardi might be a different option on this list for Arsenal is his ability as a traditional Number 9 striker.  He can score goals from headers and his feet and was often mentioned as a summer signing for Arsene Wenger in the summer of 2016.

However, Icardi’s passing game can some times desert him and at Arsenal, that would not fit into their attacking philosophy whatsoever.  It is also a red flag on a player’s character when he is the captain of a club and engaged in a feud with the core supporters.  One thing in Wenger’s favor if he is to renew his interest is that the Ultras of Inter Milan would be happy for him to move from their club.