Manchester City plotting move for Premier League star

Almost every team in the Premier League is chasing after Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha following his unbelievable form this season.  Including that one club that doesn’t need him at all, Manchester City.

Manchester City have apparently awakened to the idea of Wilfried Zaha in their team following his stellar performances so far this season.  They like Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool are apparently interested in the one time Manchester United player following his sensational form so far this season.

The thing is the only club that don’t particularly need Wilfried in the Premier League at the moment are Manchester City.  When Zaha left United it wasn’t because people doubted his talent. It was because at his age he needed more playing time and personal attention and the personal confines of Crystal Palace where he was brought up and trained were deemed perfect for that.

The truth is though there will be many offers for Zaha in January Crystal Palace simply must keep the player and if they player is smart he’ll want to stay.  Some things cannot be replaced and the feeling of playing for one’s boyhood club is one of those.

Crystal Palace are not so small that Zaha will be left wanting for salary.  He can easily get a raise to the 100k per week rate at Crystal Palace if that’s what he’s after.

At Manchester City the first thing that Zaha will do is sit on the bench.  He’s of the level to play there but Aguero, Jesus, Silva, De Bruyne and Sane are already ingrained in Guardiola’s method.  As he saw during his time at United Zaha need confidence.

His mentality isn’t the “just work and fight one” that some of the bigger clubs will require to fight for spaces. He needs to feel comfortable and happy in order for his football to grow.

Zaha should stay at Crystal Palace. Moving to City now would show he learned nothing moving to United all those years ago.