Eden Hazard’s demands must not go down well at Real Madrid

There could be some quarrels caused inside Real Madrid as a result of Eden Hazard’s demanding for the club.

Zinedine Zidane has requested Eden Hazard’s signing from Real Madrid on numerous occasions even on his first stint at the club. The Frenchman’s demand has not changed much since returning to the club and the Whites are now obliged to satisfy Zizou’s requests if they want to pull up from their messed up state.

Eden Hazard’s potential arrival in Madrid is closer than ever this time. The Belgium international’s contract at Chelsea expires in June 2020 and with there being no intent in his mind of a renewal, a transfer seems inevitable during the summer. The price tag of 100 million euros certainly isn’t much either given the otherwise inflated transfer fees today.

With that said, personal agreements have been concluded and only the agreement of a transfer fee between Chelsea and Real Madrid is remaining. The Whites are offering 80 million euros, but the Blues wouldn’t want to settle for less than 100 million unless under worse case circumstances. Things will surely find a conclusion and Hazard will wear white next year.

However, one of the player’s demands from Real Madrid is likely to cause conundrums at the club, according to Fox Sports. The number 10 jersey means a lot to Eden Hazard and he wants to continue wearing it even at Real Madrid. But the Merengues’ midfielder Luka Modric already possesses the shirt and has no intention of giving up his number.

The defending Ballon d’Or winner wants to hold onto the highly regarding jersey number and would feel that the newer players are being considered more important than the senior players of the club. Lastly, he would also feel that the club has mistreated him if he is wiped off number 10 despite contributing endlessly to the club.

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What should Real Madrid do to ensure that both Luka Modric and Eden Hazard feel fair?