Would Dani Alves help solve Arsenal’s long lasting problems?

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - JULY 07: Dani Alves of Brazil celebrates after winning the Copa America Brazil 2019 Final match between Brazil and Peru at Maracana Stadium on July 07, 2019 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Lucas Uebel/Getty Images)
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - JULY 07: Dani Alves of Brazil celebrates after winning the Copa America Brazil 2019 Final match between Brazil and Peru at Maracana Stadium on July 07, 2019 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Lucas Uebel/Getty Images) /

There are a lot of factors for Arsenal to consider…

As rumours continue to swirl amidst the 2019 summer transfer window, free agent right back / winger Dani Alves has been linked to a few teams, Arsenal being the most recent (according to Mundo Deportivo).

And would the Gunners ever like to sign the Brazilian star and 2019 Copa America MVP to a deal which would undoubtedly bring the team much-needed quality and overall experience. Not only that, but the fans are itching and screaming for this deal to become a reality.

Unai Emery must think long and hard

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But the real question is, would Dani Alves actually help solve Arsenal’s issues, especially in the long term? The first answer to stick out immediately would, of course, be yes, considering Arsenal’s extremely limited options on the flanks and any real wing back options.

Currently, on Arsenal’s squad, we have an injured Hector Bellerin who is expected to miss the first part of the 2019-20 season, an again Nacho Monreal, an inconsistent Sead Kolasinac, and Carl Jenkinson, who has spent 3 full seasons on loan since joining the Gunners in 2011.

Not to mention Emery improvising midfielder Ainsley Maitland-Niles at right back after Bellerin’s injury, who struggled mightily to understand the position and never provided any real security.

So it’s clear Arsenal would gain very much by bringing in a player of Dani Alves’ calibre to give the team a boost, and a big one. Besides, Arsenal hasn’t signed on a true superstar and champion in a very long time, and Alves would help provide that, apart from selling tickets and team gear. So, publicity-wise, it would be a great move as well. I believe we’ve covered the positives.

Dani Alves is not getting any younger

All of this said, the Brazilian just turned 36 in May. Considering not only his position but more importantly his playing style (a high rate both defender and winger), he will decline more steadily every year and begin to see his minutes reduced. Not to mention his ACL tear in May of 2018, causing him to miss the World Cup.

Even though he looked as good as new in the second falf of the 2018-19 season, those injuries begin to take on an increased effect as players age. Plus, you never know when he’s thinking of hanging up the boots, which at his age, could happen at any moment now.

The winning mentality could be a mismatch

Another problem for Alves choosing Arsenal, is that he is used to winning, and if he were to come to sign with the Gunners, he would pretty much be giving that up. And I don’t mean that in a mocking way. In the Premier League alone, there are at least 4 teams better than they are, and possibly a 5th (Manchester Utd), depending on if they can finally wake up this season. They will also miss out on the Champions League for a third straight year.

So, he won’t be winning anything any time soon, and that could become an immediate problem in the locker room, considering the Ozil situation is not yet dealt with unless he is just looking for a good payday to close out his career, which knowing Alves, won’t be the case.

Dani Alves is not the ultimate solution

There are both positives and negatives to signing a renown player like Dani Alves. While his addition would undoubtedly make the team better, his addition alone will not win them any Premier Leagues or Champions Leagues any time soon, which is what Arsenal aspire to.

They would still need to bring in at least 2 more quality centre backs if they want to even attempt to contend with Man. City or Liverpool. And that’s what it boils down to, because Alves doesn’t have the time to wait to build a team in 2 or 3 years. He’ll be retiring by then.

If Arsenal are planning on winning now (which doesn’t appear to be the case with their poor transfer market signings), and by this, I mean signing three game changers (2 of them centre backs), then the investment in Dani Alves would be worth it.

If not, why waste the money? The aging star alone won’t crown Arsenal Premier League champions, as he is clearly past his prime. Besides, he’ll definitely want to win now, as he always has, and Arsenal have not been at that stage for more than a decade now.

I predict the Gunners will miss the Champions League for a 4th consecutive year, and this will have been just an exciting rumour. We’ll see if Unai Emery has anything up his sleeve planned for his old player.

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Where do you think Dani Alves will be next season?