Mauricio Pochettino’s defence of Christian Eriksen is laughable

Tottenham supporters are howling at Christian Eriksen’s shambolic play this season. Somehow, Mauricio Pochettino sees things much differently.

Christian Eriksen has been a shadow of his former self at Spurs this season. Any fan with an ounce of football knowledge can see that reality. Nonetheless, Mauricio Pochettino continues to defend his Danish midfielder with the press.

The Argentine gaffer recently told the media (via Football London) that Eriksen’s recent performances are not “any different” than what Tottenham got from him earlier in his career. Pochettino instead believes that any struggles Eriksen might be undergoing at the moment are down to injuries that robbed him of a productive preseason.

Unless Pochettino has gone clinically insane, there’s no way he can actually believe those words. Eriksen has arguably been Tottenham’s worst player on the young season. He’s never been a physical force in the midfield, but now his passing ability has completely left him. As such, he’s a total liability for Spurs during most matches.

The obvious question to answer is why Pochettino would offer up such a ridiculous defence of his No. 10. There are several possible explanations. The first, and most simple, is that Pochettino may still hold out hope that Eriksen can rediscover the form that made him such a key player for the club. Blasting him in the media would only alienate him and thrust him further into the abyss he currently inhabits.

It’s also possible that Pochettino is doing what he can to preserve some modicum of transfer value for Eriksen in January. There are valid questions as to whether or not Real Madrid, or any other club, will be interested in signing a player mired in such a poor run of form. If Tottenham do want to get a reasonable fee for him in January, Pochettino can’t very well blast him to the media.

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In the end, Spurs fans must accept the fact that Pochettino is lying for the good of the club. He sees the media as a tool that may be utilized to accomplish his goals. That’s the only reason he’s still speaking positively about Eriksen. Nothing about his play on the pitch this season has earned him any such plaudits.