Tottenham are making the right move with Troy Parrott

Troy Parrott isn’t getting a lot of match time at Tottenham currently, but the club are smart to move to tie him down with a new contract. 

The fact that Troy Parrott continues to linger on the fringes of Tottenham’s first team this season isn’t a true indication of where he stands with the club. Instead, Spurs fans should interpret the new contract being prepared for the Irish striker as a true indication of how Mauricio Pochettino values the starlet.

According to Football Insider, Tottenham are already working on a “long-term agreement” with Parrott. He signed his first professional contract with Spurs on his 17th birthday, but club officials are anxious to make sure he doesn’t leave North London anytime soon.

The real question for Tottenham is whether or not a new deal for Parrott will also be accompanied by increased match time for the young striker. Harry Kane is unquestionably the top hit man at Spurs, but he could use some more support to lift the club out of their current doldrums.

Perhaps playing Parrott as a second striker could give Spurs just the attacking jolt they require. The young Irishman isn’t physically ready to lead the line by himself at this stage of his young career, but his touch and clever runs off the ball could really open up space for his Tottenham teammates.

That doesn’t mean Spurs fans should expect to see him feature at West Ham next weekend. That sort of salty derby isn’t the right match to hand a youngster his first Premier League start. It shouldn’t shock anyone if Pochettino elects to put him on the bench though. If Tottenham do need to overturn a late deficit against the Hammers it might benefit them to have an extra striker to bring on late in the match.

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The ultimate point here is that Parrott is a player that Tottenham officials have massive plans for. He will not be a young starlet that’s forced to head off to another European club to cut his teeth. He’ll get every chance he can earn right where he is currently. Parrott is a central figure of the new wave coming to Spurs very soon.