Five reasons why Arsenal will get back on form against Norwich

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Freddie Ljungberg faces his first challenge as Arsenal boss this weekend…

Arsenal come up against Norwich at Carrow Road this Sunday afternoon. This match will have a different feel to it since it will be Arsenal’s first with Freddie Ljungberg at the helm. However, regular viewers of Arsenal youth teams will be aware of the attacking philosophy Ljungberg has.

Going into this match, surprisingly Arsenal are the underdogs. They have not won a match in over a match and having succeeded in only four Premier League matches this season, they will never be favoured. Norwich, on the other hand, won their last match against Everton.

However, here are five reasons why I’m confident Arsenal can turn their form around at Carrow Road…

1. A new sense of belief from the supporters

Arsenal fans have not been in full voice lately and understandably so. In fact, their recent Europa League match at home to Frankfurt was like being at a library.

However, this was merely a protest with the hopes of parting ways with Unai Emery. Now the fans have achieved that mission, they will be back and they will be back in full voice.

The Gunners love Freddie Ljungberg. He is a club legend and he was a figurehead in what was one of the best teams football has ever seen. Being an invincible at Arsenal is an honour to be coveted and the fans will be sure to make their admiration of the former winger heard.

Let’s just hope the players on the pitch are able to react to the support.

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