Moussa Sissoko’s return can help stabilize Tottenham’s midfield

Jose Mourinho is desperately searching for answers at Tottenham. The return of Moussa Sissoko from injury should really help boost Spurs’ midfield.

When Jose Mourinho first took over the managerial duties at Tottenham it’s clear he wasn’t enthused about the prospect of presiding over Moussa Sissoko. Given the way things have gone lately for Spurs, you can be certain the gaffer is happy to have the Frenchman back into the fold.

This week’s fixture against United might be too soon to see Sissoko back on the pitch, but the news that he’s resumed training with the first team is music to everyone at the club’s ears. Specifically, Tottenham have struggled to find the right combination in their starting midfield in recent weeks. Sissoko’s rugged playing style could be just what Spurs need to solidify things in the middle of the park.

In some ways, the excitement over a player of Sissoko’s quality rejoining training is emblematic of what’s wrong at Tottenham. He’s a player that should be on the fringes of the club’s first team. Sissoko is a fine squad player, but he’s not skilled enough to be a regular member of a Champions League team’s starting XI.

Unfortunately for Mourinho, he isn’t managing a side with that sort of quality at the moment. Tottenham would need to improve their form substantially down the stretch if they want to get anywhere near Champions League qualification for next season’s competition. The way Spurs are playing at the moment makes Europa League qualification seems like a stretch.

That’s why Sissoko’s return is actually important for the club. Mourinho needs to stop the bleeding if he wants to build any kind of momentum heading into the summer. At worst, Sissoko will give his manager a more physical presence to deploy in the midfield.

That could have a profound impact on the team’s propensity to leak goals during Mourinho’s tenure. Admittedly, Spurs don’t seem to really know what their best back line should look like at the moment. Some of those problems have been exaggerated by the team’s inability to gain a foothold in the midfield though. Sissoko should be an important shield for a back line that needs all the help it can get.

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The unfortunate reality for Spurs is that Sissoko’s return to the pitch will be too little, too late in terms of salvaging anything from this season’s miserable campaign. It’s almost time for Tottenham to focus all of their energy and effort on next season. Getting Sissoko back only helps make things a little more bearable in the meantime for Spurs supporters.