Juventus: Legend Andrea Pirlo is nearing a monumental return

Andrea Prilo, Juventus. (Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)
Andrea Prilo, Juventus. (Photo by VI Images via Getty Images) /

The recently retired Italian superstar won’t be kept away from the sport for long. Andrea Pirlo is close to a coaching deal with one of his former clubs, the Italian Serie A powerhouse, Juventus.

The 2017 Major League Soccer season was the end of a long lustrous career for the Italian soccer star. Although, Andrea Pirlo is most renowned for spending the majority of his career playing In Italy in Serie A, with teams such as Brescia, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus.

Along with his domestic play, Pirlo played for the Italian national team, beginning with the Italy U15 team in 1994, and playing for the main national team from 2002 to the year 2015. Pirlo was a pivotal part of Italy’s 2006 World Cup championship run, appearing in every game of the tournament for the national team.

Over his career, Pirlo has received multiple recognitions for his play domestically and internationally. Pirlo received the Bronze Ball and was named to the All-Star team of the 2006 World Cup.

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He was named a part of the 2012 UEFA team of the year. Lastly, in his final two seasons in Serie A with Juventus, he was named Serie A footballer of the year for back-to-back seasons.

A New Beginning

The former Italian midfielder has been going through the necessary steps to receive his coaching license, as well as participating in somewhat of an “internship” at Juventus’ training grounds the previous year.

Pirlo played under Antonio Conte at Juventus, and in the past has expressed his admiration for the former Juventus manager.

That being said, Pirlo has expressed earlier this year that he will learn from current Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri, and use his training and coaching techniques at the start of his new venture with the club.

It has not been determined yet the specific coaching responsibilities Pirlo will be given with his former club in Turin. We will most likely see him in one of two positions, either a part of Juventus’ first-team coaching staff or possibly as the head coach of Juventus’ U23 squad.

Coach Pirlo

Can Pirlo go straight into being the head coach of the U23 team? Most likely yes, he has a great mind for the sport and has been preparing for this moment in time, he has much experience in the game at the domestic and international level that will be a great asset for him moving forward, coaching experience and technique aside.

That being said, a position on the first team’s staff, which includes not as much of the responsibility and the chance to get more experience under Sarri’s staff.

He will learn not only Sarri’s techniques even better but to be an asset to Juventus’ first team for his tenure with them, as he has much knowledge of the game to share.

His playstyle was smooth, calculated, and one exuberant of the knowledge he has pertaining to the sport. This is why he was given nicknames such as “Maestro”, ‘The Professor”, and “Mozart”. His conducting of the game on the field is one many believe will transfer off the field as a coach.

Whatever responsibility is given to him, whether it be as a head coach or as part of a coaching staff. Whether it be the first team or the U23 team. Pirlo has knowledge, composure, and drive to succeed.

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Andrea Pirlo the player is one of the greats in the history of the sport. Andrea Pirlo the coach is about to begin a new chapter in his career, one that can very likely be just as successful or even greater.