Barcelona: Lionel Messi willing to take a pay cut to help the club

In times like this, Lionel Messi showing his commitment to Barcelona is exactly what the fans want to see…

The coronavirus hasn’t just impacted football, it’s impacted the world. The outbreak has halted the progress of all the major leagues in the world, which is understandable. Barcelona remains at the top of the La Liga table but what is to be done with the remainder of the season is yet to be seen.

Something which is overlooked is the economic impact a phenomenon like this can have on a football club. After all, we know there is a lot of money in the game as player salaries need to be paid.

However, Lionel Messi is doing everything in his power to help Barcelona, according to a report from the Mirror. Neil McLeman has suggested that Messi is willing to take a pay cut to help his club that has set the record for paying the highest cumulative wages in the world.

Big deal, right? Footballers are some of the highest earners in the world and Messi is the highest-paid footballer in the world, so it makes sense that he’s happy to take a power cut.

However, there have been cases where players have even left their clubs (take Alex Song for example, via this talkSPORT article) because the club can’t afford to pay their wages. That said, it’s good to see the player at the highest level is setting the bar for everyone else in the game.

Messi clearly cares about Barcelona. If you didn’t know it before, then you should know it now. I know it seems like common sense to say, but there were fears that he wanted to leave Barcelona just a couple of weeks ago.

Messi has claimed many times that he is happy in Barcelona and he plans to spend the rest of his career in Spain. If anybody needed proof of his claims, then this should be proof-worthy enough.

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