Liverpool: 3 players who have what it takes to emulate Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool (TARIK TINAZAY/AFP via Getty Images)
Steven Gerrard, Liverpool (TARIK TINAZAY/AFP via Getty Images) /
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1. Trent Alexander-Arnold

Age: 21

Position: Right-Back

In 2015, on a wet patchy turf at Carrington, Liverpool’s U18 side, lined up to face Manchester United. The Red Devils were a strong force. They led the U18 league table with Marcus Rashford leading the line.

Often during such fierce contests, Liverpool’s senior side would rely on Steven Gerrard to deliver.

The U18s had no Steven Gerrard on that October day, but they did have a Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Wearing the captain’s armband and playing at the centre of midfield, the 17 year old ran around the pitch with the same ferocious intensity Gerrard used to play in derby fixtures.

He’d score twice from running into the box from midfield and led the Reds to a crucial victory.

How often had Steven Gerrard done the same at Liverpool? The performance would be a glimmer of what was to come.

Less than a year later, Trent Alexander-Arnold would make his debut, but in an unorthodox role.

Jurgen Klopp opted to deploy the Liverpool number 66 as a right-back in a League Cup match against Tottenham. The 18-year-old lasted 68 minutes. It had been an unremarkable debut, but Steven Gerrard himself lauded his performance and Alexander-Arnold would be named in the EFL Cup team of the fourth round.

From that moment on, Alexander Arnold’s role as a right-back had been affixed. He would play there in the academy and in the first team.

Nonetheless, playing out of position did not inhibit his progress, if anything it helped Alexander-Arnold thrive.

Three years on from his debut, Alexander-Arnold is now regarded as the best right-back in the world. His creative prowess and peerless crosses have made him a key asset for Liverpool going forward.

Steven Gerrard, himself would occasionally fill in for the right-back role during his formative years at the club. As did Jamie Carragher. It is a role which seems to be a great stepping-stone for academy hopefuls at Anfield. However, whether Alexander-Arnold will return to his favoured central-midfield role remains to be seen.

The common adage goes that if ‘something isn’t broken, do not fix it.’ And that certainly rings true in the case of Alexander-Arnold.

Alexander-Arnold has excelled so much in the right-back role it is difficult to find an adequate replacement in his place.

The trait which is reminiscent of Gerrard the most in Alexander-Arnold is his striking ability. The number 66 is exceptional in his delivery and his shooting. Even from right back, he has already scored some outstanding strikes for the club and delivered some iconic assists too.

Whether or not he will emulate Steven Gerrard, remains to be seen, however, it is without a shadow of a doubt he will become a Liverpool legend if he continues his current run of form.