Who will pry Saul Niguez away from Atletico Madrid?

Saul Niguez, Atletico Madrid (Photo by Pablo Morano/MB Media/Getty Images)
Saul Niguez, Atletico Madrid (Photo by Pablo Morano/MB Media/Getty Images) /

One of the jewels of Spanish football remains entrenched in Madrid, Atletico Madrid to be exact; will Saul Niguez remain there, perhaps with a different team, or does his future lie in Manchester?

This is not a new innovation for Saul Niguez; transfer rumours have been haunting the player for years, but he has remained at Atletico Madrid nonetheless. While the current headlines read with the name of Manchester United, it was not long ago that Manchester City was the hot topic.

During this uncertain time, economic functionality is a major consideration; multiple factors use be simultaneously taken into account after all. Can any team afford what the buyout for Saul is? Can any team afford to pay what his worth was? While these are valid, what is equally valid, is asking whether Atletico can afford to keep him themselves.

It might be a matter of course that Saul Niguez is dealt to a major club like City, United or even Real Madrid; such a crosstown innovation could prove wisest for Saul, but who stands, with all things considered, in the best circumstance to sign the Spanish midfield wizard?

A Manchester Derby of a different sort

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Saul Niguez is talented enough across the pitch to inspire a real quarrel over his signature. That this may be a financial Manchester Derby, feels no less significant than a practically played one.

Signing Saul is a remarkable innovation for either side, and one that could help to shift Premier League power should it be accomplished.

Were Saul to go to Manchester City, he would find great benefit immediately; training under Pep Guardiola is a masterclass in football and as fellow compatriots, one can imagine the bond could become rather deep from one legend to a current great midfielder.

Alongside a player like Kevin De Bruyne in the midfield, Saul could influence the game in ways he has not previously; facing the two in the centre of the pitch feels frightening merely to type. With help around him like that of Rodri, as well as the prolific striking force of City, it is hard to argue that City does not hold the lead in this Manchester Derby, if not in the race for the player entirely.

Manchester United meanwhile, has some wonderful pieces as well; Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Bruno Fernandes, Mason Greenwood, Scott McTominay and Daniel James come to mind immediately.

Their winning spirit is a bit frayed at this particular time, however; adding to this, their manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, has not proven himself to be anywhere in the same class as his cross-town rivals despite victories against Guardiola in the past.

Playing alongside those players has the potential to be really special, and were he to lose out on joining Pep at City, United are no lousy consolation prize; he would make either team better without question. The only real suitor left is the other major club in Madrid; is Real the best fit?

A Tale of two Madrid’s: Saul Niguez to Real?!

Real Madrid may be the best place for Saul to go; professionally as well as personally, depending on his desires that is. At Los Blancos, Saul would stay in the nation he players for, grew up in, and loves so well; he would be playing for the legendary player, and now manager, Zinedine Zidane, alongside players of an equal or greater calibre than would be found at either Manchester outfit.

Indeed, the talent at Real is, on paper at least, better than their crosstown rivals as well; what usually separates Atleti from Real during most matchups are tactics, or a bounce one way or another.

I’m not sure that Saul will be able to bring himself to leave Atletico for Real; the loyalties to his manager Diego Simeone, as well as their fans, may very well present this. With this said, if it were a matter of comfort, of capital and of talent, Real Madrid is as good a destination as anyone.

A Matter of Money

For any of the potential big-name deals of this upcoming Summer, Saul Niguez, Lautaro Martinez or Kylian Mbappe, finances are key in a way they may have never been. How can such mammoth money be spent during a season that has suffered Such grave disruptions? As I said at the top, much of this discussion ultimately hinges on which of the aforementioned teams requires money the most or alternately has the most money.

I would put my money on City to be in the pole position should they desire to be, with Real Madrid closely following, way in front of Manchester United. Manchester City may find itself on the outskirts of this discussion should their current discipline remain in place; United may find itself in similar straits should United fail to qualify for Europe next season as well.

That would leave Real in the perfect position to integrate Saul with players like Eden Hazard, Isco, Marco Asensio, Vinicius Junior and more; it would certainly be fun to watch.

No matter where Saul Niguez goes, his ability will likely create ample positives for his new club. At United, he would stand as a player who could help build the team back up to its glory; at City, he may be the huge piece needed to reload a team that was a solid second-place team in shadow of the mighty Liverpool.

At Real Madrid, he would serve in a mixed capacity of each aforementioned destination; he could be a huge piece to reload a team that just two years ago was in the midst of an unprecedented run of European success.

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Where do you think Saul Niguez will be playing next season?