Arsenal: Mesut Ozil makes a completely unwelcome decision

Mesut Ozil, Arsenal (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)
Mesut Ozil, Arsenal (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images) /

If he thinks he’s doing the Arsenal fans or the board a favour, Mesut Ozil needs to think again…

The summer transfer window is fast approaching, which might be hard to believe since time seems to be standing still right now. However, Arsenal have a lot to prioritise this summer, and the situation involving Mesut Ozil is one of them.

The German playmaker runs out of contract next season and there has been plenty of talk of him leaving this summer, most notably to Fenerbahce. That said, a new report from Football London suggests that Ozil will actually stay this summer and contemplate his future next year, when his contract runs out.

All I can say on this matter is wow. It’s not a good deed, at all, and I struggle to understand any argument otherwise. Yes, Ozil was ONCE a great player and when he signed his last contract, I was over the moon. But that was a long time ago and times have changed.

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Ozil is no longer what Arsenal need as a player. He is surplus to requirement and, in all honesty, the benefits of selling him are endless. It would clear the huge wage disparity, for one. It would also free up some funds for Mikel Arteta to sign players who actually prove they want to be at the club.

Essentially, this decision is not brave. Or at least it doesn’t seem brave to me. Ozil is simply running his contract down and the club must do everything they can to counteract this. If their mind is in the right place, they would since it’s best for the club to sell him this summer.

I don’t know, maybe there will be a benefit to this. Maybe Ozil will have a stellar season and wave goodbye to the fans proudly, in which case I will gladly hold my hands in the air and eat my words. But that’s a huge maybe and at this point in time, I cannot see this happening.

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Do you think Mesut Ozil is right to stay at Arsenal?