Manchester United finally agree deal for Romelu Lukaku replacement

Moussa Dembele, Lyon (Photo by JEFF PACHOUD/AFP via Getty Images)
Moussa Dembele, Lyon (Photo by JEFF PACHOUD/AFP via Getty Images) /

At long-last, Manchester United fans can breathe a sigh of relief. It would seem they have finally replaced Romelu Lukaku…

When Romelu Lukaku left Manchester United to join Inter Milan, there was plenty of speculation over who would fill his boots at Old Trafford. However, to this day, nobody has brought in that could fill the striker’s position, so it has been left to Marcus Rashford.

Don’t get me wrong, as a neutral fan, I like Marcus Rashford. I obviously applaud him for the progress he’s made for his age and he’s surely only going to continue improving. However, he is riddled with injuries and there are still doubts over whether the striker’s role is suited to him since he can excel in other positions.

That said, he is not the man to fill Lukaku’s boots. I don’t think I stand alone in saying this either. This is no problem, though, as the summer transfer window is fast approaching and the board are confident that, despite the Coronavirus outbreak, the club can do their best to exploit the conditions.

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It’s time to put their money where their mouths are, of course. According to TodoFichajes, the Red Devils have agreed on a deal to bring Moussa Dembele from Lyon to Celtic this summer. The forward has been in the thick of the goals this season, although his immense spree was brought to an end after Ligue 1 became void.

Bringing Dembele back to England has been Manchester United’s aim for a while, but it could finally be complete this season. HE has proven time and time again that he is a reliable goal scorer so he would be the perfect man to replace Romelu Lukaku after all this time.

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What do you think? Obviously they have waited a long time, but do you think Moussa Dembele will be a good fit at Manchester United?