What situation is best for Zlatan Ibrahimovic moving forward?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, AC Milan (Photo credit should read GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/GettyImages)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, AC Milan (Photo credit should read GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/GettyImages) /

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is no spring chicken, despite optics to the contrary; every nation Zlatan has gone to play football, he has mesmerized.

But it is fair to ask where else Zlatan Ibrahimovic will play as his career continues to wind down. After coming to Manchester United and suffering a horrific knee injury, Ibra took his talents to LA and the Galaxy.

While he made quite the impression on America and American football fans, the competition and the format were unappealing to him as a purest of the European game. When he returned to Europe, to Italy and Serie A with Milan, it felt very fairytale-like; while he made an impact nearing ever closer to his 40th birthday, it is unlikely he returns to them next campaign.

Where then, will the legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic go? To Bologna as has been rumored, or back to where it all began in Sweden? While the journey is winding down, it is certainly not over yet and a person like Zlatan can always change things up when you least expect him to.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: The man with the eternal fire

Zlatan Ibrahimovic continues to play because he understands that he still has the desire to perform; he also knows that he is still better than many of his teammates and opposition alike.

While it is difficult to imagine any team who is in serious contention for a major domestic or European league would sign him, lower-tier teams or leagues could still offer Zlatan a chance to dominate and win some type of hardware as he finishes off two decades of brilliance.

While Bologna and Malmo have been rumoured, neither appears entirely likely for differing reasons; any reunion with Jose Mourinho feels less likely still. Bologna has little shot at anything promising or fun for Zlatan to play for, and Malmo has been soured to the legend since he purchased an interest in a rival of theirs, Hammarby.

Could Hammarby be a solution? I think it is quite possible. Finishing his time in Sweden would be nice and appropriate for the legend, beloved by his nation.

Another idea that I myself had was in a nation like Brazil; Zlatan seems the type who would love to perform for fans who are so passionate. Brazil certainly has passion and the incentive to get a player of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s quality to South America.

Another dark horse, likely unlikely landing spot, would be with Ajax. His second senior club, Ajax have shown their famous and marvellous youth program in recent years; having lost those players over successive campaigns, they will be reloading their team with the undergrowth of talent in Amsterdam.

The team does have an absolute war chest of capital however; they could afford to bring in Zlatan and think nothing of it. While he may play on and off, his impact around the young players of Ajax could be beyond important. Few think like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and few can perform like him either; to have those qualities rub off on young, impressionable players is likely a life-changing experience.

The Final Hurrah’s

It could well be worth the expense to give Zlatan a farewell tour in the nation that watched Zlatan Ibrahimovic become a radically intimidating superstar of world football. What he is lacking in age, he makes up for in everything else quite easily.

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It will not be an easy choice for Zlatan; he is a proud competitor and playing at anything less than the highest level will irk him beyond comprehension I am sure. But few players in any sport get to settle gracefully as their career ebbs away; Zlatan has that privilege, which is well deserved no questions asked. Now, we will see where he chooses to perform for the final years of his football playing existence.