5 players Inter Milan should sign during the summer transfer window

Dries Mertens, Napoli (Photo by Pedro Salado/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Dries Mertens, Napoli (Photo by Pedro Salado/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /
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Inter Milan
Olivier Giroud, France (Photo by Frederic Stevens/Getty Images) /

Olivier Giroud

While we’re talking about Inter Milan’s need for depth up front, we might as well address the fact that they should probably be looking for a second backup striker for next season as well. They currently have Sebastiano Esposito, who made a few appearances this season, but it seems unlikely that they’re prepared to give the 17-year-old striker much more responsibility right now.

If they don’t entrust Esposito with a regular rotational role and sign a player like Simeone to serve as one backup, then they’ll need somebody to replicate Lukaku’s physicality if he’s injured or needs a match off.

Finding somebody who could reliably fill that role and would be okay with accepting a spot as a backup was tougher than I expected, but there is one name who stands out to me. That name is Olivier Giroud. Yes, this has become more complicated with Chelsea extending Giroud’s contract this week, but I still believe he makes the most sense for Inter and that they can draw him away from Chelsea.

Regardless of which team he ends up playing for, Giroud is likely to be a backup. Chelsea already has Tammy Abraham who is slated to be their started and it wouldn’t be shocking to find out they’re targeting another striker this summer. That could mean that Inter Milan would actually be his best path to playing time.

His transfer fee would be pretty low and Chelsea signing him to an extension just so they don’t let him go for free would be a smart move on their part. It also wouldn’t hurt Inter Milan to have to lay a small fee to give themselves a dependable backup for Lukaku. On top of that, the fact that Giroud has a little bit of experience playing for Conte probably helps the cause as well.

Giroud is the best option I could come up with and if they can’t land him then they’ll likely have to turn to a younger option like Alexander Isak. That would definitely a more expensive path, which makes Giroud the perfect choice to give themselves some peace of mind while also leaving plenty of funds free to build up the starting squad.