Cruz Azul scandal boosts Liga MX fiscal facelift

Cruz Azul fan (Photo by /Jam Media/Getty Images)
Cruz Azul fan (Photo by /Jam Media/Getty Images) /
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Liga MX Cruz Azul
Cruz Azul fans were still trying to manage the disappointment of another season without a league trophy when reports of serious financial mismanagement were made public. (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) /

Cruz Azul’s place in the league appears safe

Although disaffiliation is thought to be unlikely, Liga MX bylaws state that a club can be kicked out of the league if its owners or club officials are caught committing criminal acts or taking actions deemed harmful to the league’s reputation.

Since Cruz Azul is structured as a co-operative, Billy’s official position is not deemed the same as an owner. It is thought league officials will look to punish Billy alone, and not the Cementeros franchise, should the case result in a conviction.

Also, neither Garcés nor Alfredo Álvarez are registered as team officials with Liga MX, so any criminal charges they might face would have no bearing on Cruz Azul’s status within the league.

Still, the Mexican Soccer Federation has seen its image take a beating the past year and FIFA has been leaning on Liga MX to come into full compliance with international rules and regulations.

Having another financial scandal will serve to tarnish Liga MX as a financially undisciplined operation with little commitment to transparency.

The Veracruz controversy reared its head last summer when the solvency of the club started to become apparent. The Tiburones franchise was unceremoniously kicked out of Liga MX in December after it fell delinquent on wages to players and staff.

Veracruz players staged a memorable protest in which they refused to play during the first 3 minutes of a match against the Tigres. The Tiburones basically stood still even though the Tigres showed no solidarity, scoring twice while the protesting players remained motionless.