Everton: Jean Philippe-Gbamin injury nightmare is heartbreaking

Carlo Ancelotti, Everton (Photo by Tim Goode/EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images)
Carlo Ancelotti, Everton (Photo by Tim Goode/EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images) /

Jean-Philippe Gbamin was going to be the big replacement for the recently departed Idrissa Gueye; neither player has had a great stretch since then, but at least Gueye can still play.

Jean-Philippe Gbamin on the other hand, had had no such luck; while he sustained what was called a minor injury in August, before the Aston Villa match, that was only the start.

Since then he has had setback upon setback, upon setback; the newest is an ACL tear that threatens his future until 2021 it is being reported at earliest.

While Gbamin was showing great promise in just weeks with Marco Silva and Everton, the team was showing great promise with him as well. Without him between the midfielders and defensive backline, Everton quickly fell apart defensively, and were less effective offensively as well.

Now with Jean-Philippe Gbamin out for a further extended period, questions must be asked on various fronts; should Everton look for more depth at central defensive midfield? Who could be recruited? And what of the future of Jean-Philippe Gbamin himself?

Jean-Philippe Gbamin: An unpredictable future

We will answer the last of the aforementioned questions first; Jean-Philippe Gbamin is simply no lock to return to top tier football. With that being said, I believe he will thanks to hard work, first class medical professionals at Goodison Park and his own youthful healing.

Why it is no lock however, rests in the nature of he injuries themselves; were Jean-Philippe Gbamin playing in any other era than that of the last decade or so, his career would most certainly be in serious jeopardy.

Medical innovations, rehabilitation services and advancements in knowledge all create an environment are key to this; giving players like Andre Gomes and Jean-Philippe Gbamin the ability to return from injuries that were once upon a time, potentially devastating for ones life moving forward is truly incredible.

But they are far from perfect and so, it is not unimaginable to believe that Everton may never get the player they transferred for back in their lineup. While it is sad to say, one must earnestly ask, who wil Everton find to fill his role on the squad?

Everton: Finding a quality central defensive midfielder

Now, the first thought of mine is to get Idrissa Gueye back from PSG; they have not been impressed with him, and he with them from reports. He would likely come much cheaper than he was sold for just last year and his continuity amongst the players would be another positive for the club.

Now there is no Marco Silva, but Carlo Ancelotti and Big Duncan Ferguson; so, is perhaps another option, younger and full of purpose,  a better solution?

Yes; the first person to pop into my mind at this qualification, becomes Matteo Guendouzi. The young, versatile Arsenal midfielder was valued by former Arsenal boss Unai Emery as soon as he arrived; while he has had brilliant flashes, he has lacked consistency.

Mikel Arteta has said that he must grow up, but what if he would be better off under Carlo Ancelotti instead? It may not cost a tremendous amount to grab a good young, versatile midfielder to add to the group already in Merseyside.

Another name is James Garner, although its uncertain whether United would be willing to give up the young Englishman; Ancelotti could also look to bring in someone like Thiago Silva to fill this role, despite his greater familiarity with centre back.

Everton: A Conundrum not without answer

It is not an impossible circumstance that Everton finds itself in; they must simply make a choice in regards to their present, while the future develops accordingly. While I personally prefer youth to age, Thiago could be useful in so many ways to Carlo Ancelotti that not getting him would be a greater sin than getting him.

Perhaps the best scenario for Everton is to try and package cash and/or a player for both Idrissa Gueye and Thiago Silva; the defensive renovations would be worked on for bargain bin prices, freeing still more money for further offensive pieces to stick around the great youth of Everton.

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While this isn’t the only answer, it is certainly an option; what else can be done, while waiting for Jean-Philippe Gbamin? Patience and hard work is key, from all parties; without all parties will be in as interesting a pickle next year, as today.