Chelsea: 3 problems that signing Kai Havertz would bring

Kai Havertz, Chelsea target (Photo by Jörg Schüler/Getty Images)
Kai Havertz, Chelsea target (Photo by Jörg Schüler/Getty Images) /
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Kai Havertz, Chelsea target (Photo by Jörg Schüler/Getty Images) /

Chelsea isn’t giving up on pleasing the fans this summer.

Having already secured the signing of Timo Wener and (finally) making the public announcement, Chelsea gave their fans something to celebrate despite all the chaos of the world currently. Werner is bound to be an exceptional player for Chelsea and I must admit, as a rival fan, I am fearful of what he could bring.

However, the Blues aren’t done there. The Express has reported that Frank Lampard is keen to sign Kai Havertz, Werner’s Germany teammate and fellow talisman. And why not? Well, while he is an exceptional young talent, there are still problems with signing him. It’s important to look at both sides of the picture, so here are 3 hidden narratives of the transfer.

3. The Bundesliga is a different kettle of fish

Don’t panic, I’m not about to bore you with the same old “the Premier League is superior” nonsense. I’m fully aware that the Bundesliga is a terrific league with a vast array of talent situated in Germany. This is why Chelsea are going mad for German players, of course.

However, nobody can deny that the two leagues are different. Neither is superior nor inferior, they are just different. The Premier League is a lot more physical, whereas the Bundesliga is a lot more technical.

Players have come over from Germany and shone, I’m aware of this, but there is often a psychological disadvantage to jumping ship at a young age. Chelsea should consider this because there’s a chance that Havertz would take some time to settle in.