5 reasons why Chelsea will qualify for the Champions League

Ross Barkley, Chelsea (Photo by Tim Keeton/Pool via Getty Images)
Ross Barkley, Chelsea (Photo by Tim Keeton/Pool via Getty Images) /
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Willian, Chelsea (Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /

4. A fairly easy run-in

Now that Chelsea has got the big dogs in Manchester City out of the way, they can look forward to a string of easy matches. In their next five matches, they will be facing West Ham, Watford, Crystal Palace, Sheffield United and Norwich.

The one game that strikes me as difficult will be Sheffield away, however, given their form since the restart, Chelsea should go into this match as favourites. Besides, nothing is ever easy in the Premier League and they are aware their match with Liverpool will probably come after that, dependent on an official decision, so they will want to make as much ground as possible.

3. Ground is there on Manchester United

Chelsea’s closest competitor aside from Wolves is Manchester United, but they aren’t too much of a threat at this point in time. The Red Devils sit five points below, and with Chelsea’s nice run in over the next five games, it could be a nice chance to make some ground on them.

Chelsea also face Manchester United in the FA Cup semifinal. However, I would expect both clubs to put most of their effort into the Premier League run-in since this is a real chance to qualify for the Champions League given the circumstances.