Chelsea have found the key that allows them to sign Kai Havertz

Chelsea are now beginning to get the wheels in motion.

For Chelsea, this is set to be a very exciting summer transfer window. Regardless of the obvious coronavirus outbreak, the Blues want to make it up to Frank Lampard for depriving him of his first summer transfer window last time out.

Having already signed Timo Werner from RB Leipzig, the London club is hungry for more. Rumours suggest they are also the frontrunners to sign Kai Havertz of Bayer Leverkusen, so it’s fair to say Lampard will have the future of Germany in his hands. Wow, that gave me flashbacks to when his goal OBVIOUSLY crossed the line against them in the world cup. We’re getting old, aren’t we?

Anyway, I’m sidetracked. Where was I? Oh yeah, the signing of Havertz. That wouldn’t be a bad one at all, given his ability to link play between midfield and attack and act as Chelsea’s chief playmaker, which would, in turn, allow Werner to settle in much faster.

According to a new report from the Mirror, Chelsea thinks they have found the key to signing Havertz in a sale of one of their players. That player is the midfielder Jorginho, who would, of course, be deemed as surplus to requirements if the signing of Havertz is made.

The Brazil-born Italy international is already treading on thin ice at Chelsea. Despite having an excellent start to his England career, Frank Lampard is beginning to favour him less and less. I suppose, in many ways then, it would be a win-win for all parties involved, including Jorginho since he would move somewhere he can get game time in the prime stages of his career.

While Havertz and Jorginho are two completely different midfielders, I’m certain that Lampard would find ways to adapt his system and incorporate Havertz into the starting XI, while being prudent to not hinder the future of Mason Mount.

Do you think Chelsea will sign Kai Havertz this summer?