Everton: Where can Wilfried Zaha fit best with the Toffees?

If Everton are interested in Wilfried Zaha, it would be a massive innovation for the Club.

While Wilfried Zaha is capable as a centre forward, he can also play in a more midfield position on the left or right; I’m sure he could play winger just as well if asked. However the point still must be addressed, is Wilfried Zaha interested in a move to Merseyside?

This is not the Premier Champions Liverpool knocking, but their Royal Blue rivals; while Zaha wants big time football in his future, Arsenal still must win the FA Cup to get into European play. Otherwise, it may be off to continental Europe for Zaha.

But what would an Everton squad look like with Wilfried Zaha in it? What problems could he solve and what issues may creep into existence with his transfer?

Wilfried Zaha: An offensive innovation, defensive liability?

Wilfried Zaha has blazing speed, wonderful ball skills and the ability to score; with his versatility as a ball handler and finisher, he could really energize a lackluster Everton Toffee squad since the COVID-19 restart. While I would imagine he would play up front, different shapes might encourage a diverse range of positions and play styles for Wilfried Zaha under the mast tactician, Carlo Ancelotti.

I could see Zaha in a false nine position, I could see him up front with Dominic Calvert-Lewin were Richarlison to be pushed to a wing, or vice verse with Zaha were it DCL and Richarlison upfront. For me, Wilfried Zaha becomes even more impactful with a really class midfield maestro, however; whether its a Coutinho, an Allan, a Jonathan Davis or even someone like Alex Iwobi, the offense can no longer suffer with insufficient creativity and expression.

Zaha will be being paid to score with pace and breathtaking magic; his defense is not the strongest of his suits to be sure, yet it is no deal-breaker. Signing Gabriel Magalhaes or even Thiago Silva would seriously improve the effectiveness of Wilfried Zaha as well; leadership at every level would really mark Everton as serious moving into the next year’s campaign.

Finances: For the love of money?

The number of players on Carlo Ancelotti’s wishlist could likely support a few teams at the very least; the finances must match the ambition however. While Don Carlo was stingy during the January window, the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged sporting economics across the road in the time since.

What was once seen as an overflowing kitty to be used for Ancelotti come summer is now a mystery; how will it be reconciled with the players available and those needed by the boss?

While finances may not be sky high, neither are the values of players in accordance; Everton may end up getting more players of significant value than they would’ve during a normal campaign, and that is good news for all the Blues.

Will Zaha be one of them? I think he could be if he remains on the transfer board after Everton have shopped for what they’re really missing in the outfield defensively. If Everton purchase a class distributor, don’t doubt they’ll try and bolster the electricity of the young, talented lineup with more firepower.

For Everton, closing the gap between them and the higher echelon clubs means pending money; the Toffees are poised to do so, and Toffees around the world couldn’t be happier aside the anticipation.