Arsenal open to the idea of terminating midfielder’s contract

And from an Arsenal fan’s view, rightly so.

Arsenal have just completed what was, in my opinion, a stellar transfer window. They strengthened in positions that needed to be strengthened, sold players that added discomfort to the squad and secured the future of their best player, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

However, despite how good it was, the transfer window was not perfect. I really don’t want to be a downer of spirits because I too am still hyped from the last minute Thomas Partey deal. But we really should have addressed the Mesut Ozil situation.

The playmaker who served us well in the earlier stages of his Arsenal career can no longer serve us like he once did. He has not played a single minute of action this season and it’s clear to see why. Mikel Arteta tried to use him when he was first unveiled as manager, but he too saw there was no future for him in an a Gunners shirt.

I don’t need to make you aware of his extortionate wages either, as we all know how much of Arsenal’s resources he sucks up on a weekly basis. At what return?

That said, I think that recent news from the Daily Mail is positive to hear. The English outlet claims that Arsenal are still open to the idea of terminating Ozil’s contract, and will begin discussions with him soon over this possibility. It’s a gruelling task, but one that will benefit the club in the long-run.

Selling him would have been a much easier task if he didn’t let his comfort get the better of him. Perhaps understandably, Ozil has shown no real admiration to leave Arsenal. And why would he? He is living his best life here with the money he receives. But the troublesome factor is that, despite having no desire to leave, he also has no desire to make the most of his time. This is not what Arteta will want.

Do you think Arsenal should terminate Mesut Ozil’s contract?