Chelsea: Scoring won’t be the issue for the Blues this year

Frank Lampard, Chelsea (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)
Frank Lampard, Chelsea (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images) /

Chelsea have looked offensively impressive so far this season.

The defense is another matter entirely however. With Kepa Arrizabalaga having reportedly, and noticeably, fallen down the depth chart to third, it will be up to Willy Cabalero and new keeper Eduard Mendy to shore up the goal.

This unfortunately, may prove difficult in the immediate, even with Thiago Silva, formerly of PSG, along the backline for the Blues now. That is because no matter the talent, experience or youth that Frank Lampard’s side have playing for them, they simply cannot stop the opposition. That in the end, will be the most difficult part for Chelsea this season; will Frank Lampard’s survive?

Chelsea are in Win Now Mode; their Defense, not so much

While the defense was addressed during the summer window, as well as the goalkeeper position, it is clear that Frank Lampard wanted to remake his attacking side to accentuate the pieces they already had most of all. Timo Werner, Kai Havertz and Hakim Ziyech are all pieces that have incredible attacking and creative brilliance, and all will grow and make an impact at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea to be sure, doesn’t have bad defensive players, nor did they only get Thiago Silva along the backline either. Ben Chilwell was also purchased from Leicester City, yet that has failed to pay early dividends as well; while both players have gotten off to slow starts in London, none of the players who’ve had more experience under the bosses system have faired much better. I mentioned my concern for this as the great transfer haul was being appraised.

The match against Southampton is simply the latest example of exactly what I’m speaking about, echoing prior performances against Tottenham in the EFL Cup, against West Brom as well as against the defending champs. While the offense was impressive against both Southampton and West Brom, their defense shockingly gave up three goals in each match as well; the draws were dissatisfactory to say the least.

The other two matches were examples of what the club can expect against tougher opponents; even with the wonderful offensive talent, there is no guarantee that Lampard’s offensive will just trample over everyone in every match.

Matches against Sevilla and Manchester United, in the Europa and Premier Leagues respectably, the pressure could continue to mount on coach and club should consistency, as well as victories, not be found. If things do not improve, it is certainly possible that Roman Abramovich loses patience with the Boss, in search of a different once capable of lighting a similar spark as grabbed hold upon Bayern after they fired their boss in lieu of Hansi Flick.

Frank Lampard: Can he make it through this rough spell?

I am not so sure to be frank (pun intended). This is not because I do not like Frank Lampard, on the contrary, I think he’s a good, young coach who is still developing certain things that he likes to do, in the ways in which he wishes to do them. Given time, I feel he can fix the defense and have the offense clicking steadily, on all cylinders; unfortunately, like working at Juventus in Turin, Stamford Bridge is an unforgiving place to work as manager.

This is because the owner, Mr. Abramovich, believes he can muster up short term success more consistently thanks to his own doings than allowing for a steady culture to be built. In hindsight, the FA Cup victory for Arsenal could very well have been more important for Lampard and Chelsea to obtain; while Arteta has since wont the Community Shield and the respect of both club and squad, Lampard has yet to win a thing.

This, mixed with his massive transfer haul, makes him an instant target as things are currently going. And if they cannot turn it around, make no mistake, they will fire him and in return, try and hire someone else to quickly get something out of the talent they have. Two names to keep in mind should be Maurizio Sarri, as well as Massimiliano Allegri; while only one has experience at Chelsea, or England for that matter, both are proven winners, to varying degrees, with track records of intelligent play.

To be sure, making a move like this would be shortsighted likely, but many of his moves on managers since he purchased the club have been just that; shortsighted. But Frank Lampard has time, its just a matter of if he has the ability to do so; given time to learn how to? He will, and so his future club may still get the best Lampard boss imaginable; but if someone needs to be blamed, it will surely be him and not the young drove of talent he brought in.

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Chelsea have a defensive issue and its going to prove difficult to overcome seeing as the best teams in England have solid defenses to accompany their offensive sieges. Without one, you are exposed during the other; this has been seen from places like Arsenal with their faulty defense, to Atletico Madrid with their stagnant offense. Hence, for Chelsea, finding the remedy to the flaw is of the utmost importance; without it, the talent might be wasted while the coach might be looking for a new club to skipper at the same time.