Tottenham fires head coaches midseason after dismal start

Alex Morgan, Tottenham Hotspur Women (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images)
Alex Morgan, Tottenham Hotspur Women (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images) /

After seven games and zero wins, Tottenham has fired their coaches.

Tottenham has had little cause for celebration as they sit nearly at the bottom of the league table in 11th place after seven matches played. Not a single win graces their stats sheet as they face the second half of a season that surely can only get better from here.

Despite Tottenham’s dismal start, they still had a power move to play that would inevitably save them from the depths of the league table. The power move they had in mind was the introduction of Alex Morgan to their ranks, the USWNT star that would propel them to victory.

Unfortunately, since her debut three games back, Alex Morgan’s performance has been anything but exciting. She worked off the rust for 20 minutes in game one, was subbed out at halftime in game 2 (her first start for the club), and most disappointingly of all she missed a 1v1 with the goalkeeper in the 90th minute before being the only Tottenham player to miss a PK in the shootout against Arsenal in game 3.

Alex Morgan is a remarkably talented player who is more or less being asked to perform at her peak ability in her first matches post-pregnancy. An unreasonable expectation to say the least. Tottenham and England fans however have been less kind and understanding as they’ve taken to the Internet to ridicule Morgan’s World Cup tea celebration which was thought to be inappropriate at the time but is now just comical given her struggles in the English league.

Tottenham is desperately searching for a way to turn their season around as Alex Morgan slowly sheds the rust and the team learns how to work together with Morgan at the center of their plays. Their solution? Firing co-head coaches Karen Hills and Juan Amoros.

Hills and Amoros have already done a tremendous amount for the club over the years lifting them to professional status in the top league. However it would appear the club feels they’ve run their course, and with a new coach at the helm, guiding Alex Morgan and the rest of the team in the right direction, the Spurs might be greeted with some success.

Tottenham announced that Rehanne Skinner has been chosen to lead the team going forward. Skinner was a former assistant manager at Arsenal and serves as Assistant Head Coach for the England Women’s National Team.

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It remains to be seen whether this midseason coaching change will pay off, but with Alex Morgan getting more and more game fit, Skinner might have something promising to work with. There’s certainly hope going forward for all parties involved.