Thomas Tuchel has Chelsea as the Threat We Expected them to be

Chelsea's Thomas Tuchel and defender Thiago Silva (Photo by RICHARD HEATHCOTE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Chelsea's Thomas Tuchel and defender Thiago Silva (Photo by RICHARD HEATHCOTE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /

Thomas Tuchel, who has been referred to by past players as a literal genius, has quickly organized and disciplined a remarkably talented and young Chelsea squad. They now appear, after defeating Everton handily to set a clean sheet record for a new Premier League boss on a new club, the dominant side that they were predicted to be before the season began. Since he has come to the squad to replace Frank Lampard, the team has simply not even lost yet; Liverpool can tell you about it as well as the Toffees can.

On paper, it will hardly ever seem likely that Chelsea should be beaten; they have world beaters at every position and a roster that few owners on earth could afford to pay. As Thomas Tuchel is no ordinary boss, neither is Roman Abramovich an ordinary Oligarch.

Chelsea could, with a bit of irony for their new boss, find themselves storming the UCL with real vigor and force. There are few clubs that will want to face them in the form they’re currently sporting, and Tuchel has remarkable experience in the European competition from stints at both PSG and Dortmund before that.

With all of this understood, what is to come for Chelsea, both this year and beyond? Might the club have struck gold with the Parisians sacking of their German boss?

In Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea now has a boss who actively grows players

Watching Thomas Tuchel scream at Timo Werner in German (again) as the club put it to Everton at Stamford Bridge was quite funny to watch. Yet it was also quite poignant, because it speaks to how the environment at Chelsea has evolved in such a fast manner.

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During the Lampard Era, the talent that was collected was remarkable to witness; each player whom appeared destined for Liverpool or elsewhere, found themselves drawn to Chelsea, as though they were a video game version of themselves.

Everyone wishes to transfer for Kai Havertz, Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner and Ben Chilwell, amongst others, in the same window and for the same club. The difference is, that this is real and should the German maestro conduct his philharmonic with proper intent and patience, he might find himself the longest serving Chelsea boss during the Abramovich Era, stretching back nearly twenty years.

Yet Frank Lampard’s struggles were the reality that the video games cannot emulate; having to form the personalities and abilities of so many talented soccer players is part psychology, part football, and so can prove tricky to say the least.

Tuchel on the other hand, has seemingly and instantly felt the timbre of the club, the temperature if you will, and has organized and taught accordingly. He has dominated his team in the mental sense, so that it appears as though they are buying into exactly what he is asking from them. If the players are that sold on him already, results would likely cement that further, and should the offense get to firing at the level as the defense has played at on the other side of the pitch, that will only continue to snowball.

Chelsea however, are in a dogfight in both the Premier League, as well as in the Champion League. After a tough match against Everton, they have a mixture of difficult and simply matches; Leeds United will be a challenge, before the second leg of the round of sixteen UCL match against Atletico Madrid further tests the new era that Chelsea is living through. Sheffield United follow in the FA Cup Quarterfinals, before matches versus West Bromwich, Crystal Palace and Brighton follow.

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The club will need to stock up on points during this run however, as the end of the season has some difficult matches, and should Everton, West Ham, or even Liverpool or Tottenham remain competitive, the season could come down to the last couple weeks. Should that happen, regardless of the fate of the clubs European ambitions, Chelsea will have an added advantage on their side in Thomas Tuchel; they appear, early on in the reign anyway, to be all too familiar with that already.