Liverpool bid farewell to Jurgen Klopp with win over Wolves

Liverpool beat Wolves 2-0, putting a nice bow to the end of the Jurgen Klopp era
Liverpool FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League
Liverpool FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League / Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

The final result was probably the last thing on the mind of Liverpool supporters but it's always a good thing ending the season on a high. Even more so when it's the final match of an emblematic manager.

Liverpool picked up a 2-0 win over Wolverhampton Wanderers in Jurgen Klopp's last match in charge.

After the final whistle, there was a ceremony where Klopp bid farewell to the Liverpool faithful in an emotional speech.

"I thought I would already be in pieces by now but I'm not," Klopp said. "But I'm so happy about you all, about the atmosphere, about the game about being part of this family, about us, how we celebrated this day. It's incredible. Thank you so much."

Klopp announced he was leaving earlier this season, putting an end to a historic tenure where he led Liverpool to their first league title in the Premier League era as well as a Champions League title. He revolutionized the way Liverpool played the game and consistently challenged Manchester City, which is no small feat.

Some of the Liverpool players were in tears which is a mark of how Klopp affected them in a positive way.

"I saw a lot of people crying and it will happen to me tonight because I will miss people," Klopp said. "But change is good. You never know what to expect but if you go with the right attitude into everything will be fine because the basics are 100 percent there."

Following those words, Klopp led the supporters in a chant for incoming manager Arne Slot.

On their website, Liverpool published a thank you letter to Klopp, summarizing his accomplishments during his nine-year tenure. A tenure that started out rocky but ended up being one of their best in club history.

Klopp didn't reveal too much when he asked about what his plans for the future would be.

"I don't know exactly why nobody believes I probably will not be a manager again, but I understand because obviously it seems to be a drug, looks like because everybody comes back and everyone works until they are 70-something. I always had the idea that I will not do that that long," Klopp said. "Look, other people are smarter, other people can do it in different ways. I have to be all-in, I have to be the spark, I have to be the energy, I have to be all these kind of things and I'm empty. That's it

Klopp is a manager who likes to be heavily involved and after nine years at the helm, it's not a surprise he needs a break. In an age where it's becoming more and more uncommon to last so long in one place, Klopp has managed to do it, raised the standards and has left a legacy and a plan for the next manager.

Klopp has only had an impact on the club but on the community as well with so many supporters sending in videos talking about Klopp has helped them, directly and indirectly, during his tenure. With Klopp no longer a manager, he'll still be tied to Liverpool only now as a supporter.


"I love you all, I love all and everything about the club but it's time for me to go," Klopp said. But look, it's not burning behind me and that gives me a good feeling. It's not that you think, 'Come on, get out of here!' So, I know I can come back and I will come back and how I said after the game, from today, from three hours ago when the game finished, I'm a Liverpool supporter and I love that.