Jul 13, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC defender DeAndre Yedlin (17) warms up prior to the game between the Sounders FC and the Portland Timbers at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Yedlin Bidding War Heats Up

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In 2013, DeAndre Yedlin,  was just a 19-year-old kid trying to navigate Major League Soccer for the first time.  Now a year later, the rising star from Seattle is pondering a career with some of Europe’s best clubs.  Last week might have been one of the most hectic weeks in the young right back’s life, albeit, glorious.

After returning from Brazil swelling with pride from his heroic defending against Belgium’s Eden Hazard, Yedlin was hounded by the media and even appeared on the Today Show.  Amidst the media commotion and demand, Yedlin celebrated his 21st birthday and made a grandiose return to his club team the Seattle Sounders.  Although the contest against the Portland Timbers took place in front of a measly four thousand fans, compared to the tens of thousands that watched each World Cup match, Yedlin showed now signs of tiring or drop off in form.  The rapid right back bombed up and down the pitch in a style very familiar to World Cup viewers, a style that still haunts Eden Hazard.

Jul 11, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC defender DeAndre Yedlin and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson pose for a photo prior to the game between the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

As his status in the pacific northwest of the United States continues to rise, the price for this young starlet has continued to rise for European clubs interested in swiping up the home-grown talent.  Born and raised in Seattle, Yedlin has only ever played for the Sounders, but will his ties to Seattle out weight the hefty salaries that are sure to be thrown his way?

“[Playing in Europe] has obviously been my goal since I was a little kid.” – DeAndre Yedlin

Multiple reports from the French media last week have stated that Ligue 1 side Lyon made contact with the Seattle club and were told that the crazy haired youngster would cost them somewhere between 2-3.5 million dollars.  Since that report however, the battle for Yedlin’s signature has grown much more fierce.  Several Italian league sides have been allured as well, including Champions League bound Roma.  But the madness does not stop there, the Premier League’s newest powerhouse, Liverpool, has also expressed their interest in Yedlin.  The fierce whirlwind that surrounds the 21-year-old has allowed to Sounders to start a good ole fashioned bidding war for their very coveted youth.

A few days after the reports that Yedlin could leave Major League Soccer for 2-3.5 million dollars, new reports surfaced that Seattle had nearly doubled their asking price to 7 million dollars.  This drastic increase could potentially make the right back the most expensive player in MLS history, but that would need a large increase in the rumored fee.

Current Sunderland striker Jozy Altidore left the MLS for 10 million dollars to play in La Liga with Villareal, but a 7 million dollar fee for Yedlin would make him the most expensive MLS defender by leaps and bounds.  This bidding war does not seem likely to end any time soon, and by the time it does wrap up, Seattle may be cashing a check for much more than 7 million dollars.

However, the exceedingly important question for Seattle and Major League Soccer is, do they want to let Yedlin go?  The Sounders and the MLS certainly can see the major marketing value that their star youth player has in the wake of the World Cup and with peaked interest in the sport stateside.  Both parties would be devastated to see another one of their best players lured away by European dreams.  But those allures of international glory are hard to ignore for any professional, “[Playing in Europe] has obviously been my goal since I was a little kid,” said Yedlin to the MLS media.  Seattle can certainly offer their promising young star higher wages in trying to keep him in the Emerald City, but it might be wise to take advantage of his rising transfer market value while they can.  When asked about is he has put any thought into his future as a professional, Yedlin replied, “I’ll definitely be doing some of that in the next few weeks.”

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  • Matthew LaPine

    “the Premier League’s newest powerhouse, Liverpool, has also expressed their interest in Yedlin.” Newest powerhouse?

    • Daniel Behrman

      The article is pretty dumb overall. “The rapid right back bombed up and down the pitch in a style very
      familiar to World Cup viewers, a style that still haunts Eden Hazard.”

      yeah, i don’t think Hazard will have many sleepless nights. sorry but Yedlin did not give him nightmares, Belgium still won…

      • Baxter Colburn

        But Eden Hazard was shut down for the entire match. Sure seems like Yedlin did his job well. I would be upset if I was Hazard and was shutdown by some random young kid from the USA.

        • srpcel7

          Yeah but the article was still pretty stupid. Liverpool is NOT a new powerhouse. Saying that just proves how uninformed this author is. Liverpool has more history and a longer tradition of success than every club in Europe aside from maybe Barcelona, Real Madrid, ManU, Arsenal, Bayern, and maybe 2-3 others. If clubs were living organisms, Liverpool would be considered Living Legend. Liverpool is like the Van Halen of football clubs. The specific remark about Eden Hazard being haunted was also rather asinine. Have you ever seen Hazard play for his club team? Anyway, it’s one thing to be shut down quite well for a match, it’s another thing entirely to be haunted after match because of a defender who shut you down. That just gets weird. The media I was consuming during the world cup were terribly critical of Hazard’s attitude and work rate and said he looked like he didn’t even want to be there. It may not have been such a stellar performance by Yedlin as much of a poor showing by Hazard.

          The thing that bugs me so much about this whole Yedlin thing is that no clubs have been identified as being interested. This is the first article I’ve read that actually named which clubs are interested in him. And, even then I question the sources. However, I would believe it about Liverpool. They’re in a bit of a bargain shopping mode right now (after having already spent as much as they got for Suarez) as they’re trying to build up enough squad depth to compete in the Champions League. Also, Glen Johnson just doesn’t do it for me (not being a pool fan myself), and Yedlin really could add some consistency and believe it or not some defending to that position for them. Johnson’s always been a horrible defender, imo.

          As for even mentioning Bayern Munich that is absolutely ridiculous! Does anyone here know who Bayern’s current RB is? Anyone? Philipp Lahm, captain of BM and of the German national team (until he retired from international football this morning). Not only that, but he is considered THE BEST RB IN THE WHOLE WORLD. He is 30, that’s true, but he is THE best. He’s not just, pretty good. But, he’s THE BEST. Hands down. I don’t even know if there is anyone who can even hold a candle to him. (you might consider Branislav Ivanovich close, but even guys like Sagna, Debuchy, Seamus Coleman, Srna, and Dani Alves are a clear step down from the quality of Philipp Lahm. Anyway, a team like Bayern Munich would never come in to Seattle to pick up a guy who they saw in a couple matches with his national squad. He didn’t even start, mind you. This rumor is utter nonsense. Unless Klinsmann has been helping him get connected to his former club, which is entirely plausible, but this has no legs whatsoever. I’m excited by Deandre Yedlin, I think he really could go to Europe and develop into a world class RB and start for a European club. I think he should avoid France, though it might be a good place to land. He could make the move to a more competitive league than Ligue 1 after a year or so.

          Okay, is anyone still awake to read the rest of this. Sorry, this was really long. I’ve wanted real news about Yedlin’s potential destination and was disappointed by this. It’s hard to have a bidding war when you’ve apparently only got one team or no teams involved in the bidding.

    • Baxter Colburn

      Well, it has been awhile since the team has been a true force in the EPL, so I see his point with that statement.

    • Baxter Colburn

      Liverpool has not been a powerhouse for awhile in the EPL. Because of their solid season last year, it could be argued that the team is on the up and up. Although the loss of Luis Suarez could cause a lot of damage.

    • Tucker Maggio

      To be fair, Liverpool had not finished in the top six spots since 2008/2009.

      • Drew

        Why did you say there was 4,000 fans in attendance when there were 64,000?

        • Mark H Edwards

          Seattle and Portland actually played a US Open Cup match 2 nights before the MLS match at Century Link.. the US Open Cup match was at a small stadium that only holds 4k.. that was Yedlins first game back

      • Matthew LaPine

        Say, by analogy, Michigan loses in the college football national championship game this upcoming year. It would be like calling them “[college footballs]’s newest powerhouse.” It just seems a bit odd to someone who’s been familiar with the PL.

  • Jonathan Tavarez

    These are my concerns. Rumors are that MLS and Seattle Sounders are upping the transfer fee astronomically which in turn might eliminate some clubs from further pursuing Yedlin, like a Lyon or Genoa who are in the mix. In my honest opinion, increasing the fee might in turn only hamper the players development. You ask, how so? Isn’t it and shouldn’t it be to the discretion of the player to decide what is a better fit for him and his development process. Why couldn’t a player do a European tour of all clubs interested and see from within what is the perfect fit for him. The player would then inform MLS and his club of their choice. With the respective club in question they can come to an adequate agreement as to what would be an appropriate fee to charge. Instead I’ve seen too many times players being dealt to the highest bidders which in these cases happen to be only top tier clubs that can afford these transfer fees. These top clubs are saturated with talent, high expectations with little room to experiment or to fail. This leaves players, like Yedlin with little or no playing time and insurmountable odds at these clubs. (A similar example would be what happened to Jozy Altidore in 2008 when he was transferred to Villareal.) This is considered one of the most important decisions in a players career, much like a student whose going to choose which university is better suited to him/her. But instead of the player making the decision, it’s a third party whose only interest is from a capitalistic and marketing aspect. Shouldn’t Yedlin be allowed to see the grounds and facilities, the resources, coaches, and ideas or plans that each prospective club has for him as oppose to just dealing him to the highest bidder? Or should we continue to subject our future star players to more set backs by condoning these kinds of transactions that only seem to benefit MLS and not the players development?

    • steve mack

      Sure, yedlin should get a choice if there are bids that are extremely close. it’s obviously still in Seattle’s interest to see him succeed going forward. But to say that that the Sounders shouldn’t maximize what they get for him (and potentially reinvest in the squad) is ridiculous. Yedlin is not good enough to have earned the right to decide where he goes yet.

  • Drew

    Why does it say a measly 4,000 fans when the attendance was 64,000?

  • ¥azan

    lol measly 4,000 fans…followed by another sellout 67,000 sellout at century link. What a joke of an article. Also brand new powerhouse Liverpool. What? Though there is no bigger red flag for an amateur covering American soccer then “The MLS”

  • Jacob

    Your attendance estimate for the game against the Timbers is only off by about 60,000.