What Will Philadelphia Union’s “Major Announcement” on Wednesday Be About?


While it would appear Major League Baseball would be active with the trade deadline approaching, Major League Soccer teams have been active on Tuesday. Of the announcements and trades that happened, the Philadelphia Union’s tweet sent everyone scrambling for information and seemed to garner the most attention.

There are a few topics that the “major announcement” could cover and there’s a possibility that it can be more than one. We take a look at four possibilities below.

Signing GK Rais M’Bolhi

While there is nothing definitively set for the announcement, there are some possibilities on what it can be. First off, it is well-known that the Union have been pursuing Algerian National Team goalie Rais M’Bolhi even though they have the likes of Zac MacMath and No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 MLS SuperDraft in Andre Blake. Steven Goff offer some insight on the Union’s “major announcement” tweet.

This would make logical sense, but why would the announcement be streamed. Not every playing signing comes with a live video of the announcement. At the same time, what does M’Bolhi arrival to Philadelphia mean for MacMath and Blake.

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Zac MacMath Trade Announcement

There are some MLS teams, like the New England Revolution and the Houston Dynamo, that could use a young, talented keeper like MacMath. There’s no way that M’Bolhi, MacMath, and Blake would all be on the roster. MacMath has value right now and the Union could use a left back or center back in exchange for MacMath. Total MLS seem to agree with the thinking above and tweeted the following.

If MacMath is traded, then this could set up Blake as a starter, while learning from a veteran like M’Bohli. Also, remember the 2014 SuperDraft when MacMath yelled at his agent when the team drafted Blake. Maybe the front office felt MacMath couldn’t hold his own this season, but that has since been proven otherwise.
This wouldn’t be the first time the Union signed a veteran goalie to mentor a young keeper as Kevin Kinkead reminds his followers.

It seems like MacMath being traded would not warrant a “major announcement” tweet a day ahead of time. However, the M’Bohli signing could. If this is the case, then Philadelphia is probably feverishly in contact with teams in need of talented keeper like MacMath. Likewise, the Union front office could announce the trade and mention who and/or what they get in return. It would not surprise me at all if MacMath is traded before Wednesday’s announcement comes, but it may not become official until M’Bohli is officially signed if that’s what this announcement is about.

Carlos Valdes’ Return

Another option for the major announcement on Wednesday could be Carlos Valdes coming back to the squad. This would be welcomed by Union fans and allow Amobi Okugo and Valdes to build upon their chemistry that developed prior to Valdes loan agreement taking away from Philly.

Once again though, why would this warrant a video stream and an announcement on twitter a day before? Maybe the team wants to build the hype, but I doubt that is the case hear. It is still unknown when Valdes will return to the Union and it seems like the trail of following Valdes’ return or intentions is like a treasure hunt with no x on the map. Fans and the media could camp out at Philadelphia International Airport and see if he gets off a plane today or tomorrow. Time to start the Valdes watch.

Sponsorship Announcement

The last possibility for the major announcement could be in regards to sponsorship. The Union is in their final year of their contract with current jersey sponsor Bimbo Breads. They could use this opportunity tomorrow to state that they have either renewed their deal with Bimbo or gone in a different direction with a new company. This would warrant the “major announcement” tag and is something interesting to follow.


It seems though that the M’Bohli announcement to happen Wednesday. However, that may not be the only thing announced Wednesday. M’Bohli’s introduction would clearly open the door for a trade of current starting goalie MacMath. It would be wise to trade MacMath in his current form and value to a team in desperate need of a keeper.

While signing a keeper, which isn’t a need on this squad, has Union fans confused, the Union could address a need indirectly. Hypothetically speaking, the Union could sign M’Bohli and trade MacMath to the Dynamo. Houston just signed USMNT winger/defender DeMarcus Beasley to a designated player contract, the team could be open to trading Corey Ashe. The Houston left back, who started 17 of 20 games, seems to be the back up at left back with Beasley’s arrival. Philadelphia would fill a need at left back if Ashe were to potentially come in a trade. This is not to say the trade would be a straight swap of MacMath for Ashe, but it would be wise for the Union to pursue Ashe.

All in all, it seems like their will be much speculation on the Union’s “major announcement” tweet and specifically what it is about. Currently, it seems like M’Bohli’s signing is what it will be about, but that does not mean something else is not planned as well. Lastly,MacMath’s days in Philadelphia look to be numbered if M’Bohli is headed for the city of brotherly love and the Blake era could be starting.