PSG: Lucas Moura And Javier Pastore Deserve International Glory


In some ways, being a player eligible for international duty on top of club responsibilities is like auditioning for a high school play. You await the dreaded moment when the director posts the printed sheet of paper upon a hallway wall. The anxious attempt at seeing whether your name is on the list is pointless in the first five minutes as everyone’s head clutters the way. You finally have a chance to look at the list, with tiny enough font that your nose almost touches the sheet of paper as you scroll down and don’t find your name, but you see the names of all your teammates.

This is  surely the angst Paris St Germain players such as Lucas Moura and Javier Pastore must have felt last spring when they realized the likelihood of their presence at the World Cup was slim, until it was confirmed they were not even sought for bench time. There are two sides to this coin: for some players it’s an absolute dread to play for country that grows new talented players in the backyards of all citizens, such as Moura’s Brazil or Pastore’s Argentina. But it is also powerful and uplifting. Because of the patriotic spell it puts on the soul, the greatness the player feels when they realize how important netting a goal or fighting for their life in a match means to their people. But let’s try not to mix politics with football.

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The point is, in light of the international break, both players deserve a chance. Some coaches have various approaches to calling upon specific players to play for them under the wing of their national flag–for Dunga, a World Cup winner himself, his legacy as coach for Brazil starts in rubble. After Brazil’s horrific campaign at home this summer, the world saw not only the squad ripped to shreds by the media, but also former Portugal and Brazil coach Luis Filipe Scolari.

Dunga had very open opinions about what Scolari did and did not do, but bygones be bygones and Dunga completely reformed who would represent Selecao during international breaks. But it still doesn’t seem to include incredible prospect Lucas Moura. It is not his performances which keep him from being appointed as his consistent work rate at PSG (when granted time on the pitch) is always executed very well. The Brazilian always looks to prove a point to his teammates, opposition and his coach.

It is also not that Lucas is merely only 22 years of age, as age doesn’t seem to matter to Dunga as his captain for the last two friendlies was icon Neymar, who is also 22 years of age. Also it is fair to note that his younger Paris teammate, Marquinho’s who was snubbed last summer was called up prior to his thigh injury to represent Brazil in Thiago Silva’s place. Thus, what is it? Is it Lucas’ risky way of play? Sometimes his straightforward thinking gets him into trouble with oppositions defenses, as well as his lack of 360 degree vision when it comes to vital passes for his attacking counter parts at club level. But bottom line is, he guarantees hard work–what more can a coach ask for?

Javier Pastore however, really had no real argument about why he deserved a spot on the Argentina national team last summer. His inconsistent form last season put him out of everyone’s eye line, including Laurent Blanc’s. And such with a team like Argentina where the talent is overflowing, performance consistency is everything. Now, he did have some prolific moments such as his solo goal against Chelsea in the Champions League, but that cannot amount as enough clarity to be chosen to lift Argentina to Brazil.

Yet now that his form is sharp and creative again, the recent #10 can prove to Argentina, former Barcelona coach Gerardo Martino that his presence will not be regretted. His ability to play on the flanks, or up the middle to create space or perfect passes for his strikers will be vital to the Argentinian style. With the likes of Angel Di Maria, Ezequiel Lavazzi (not for the coming matches due to his injury) and Lionel Messi, Pastore can open space for the magician that is Messi and create for his wingers. His potential is endless, and that is what fans saw at Palermo and for PSG between 2011-2013. We are happy he is back.

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