Euro 2016 Qualifying: Spain Offer A Sprinkle Of Hope Against Luxembourg


Spain went to Luxembourg on Sunday evening to take on the national team at Josy Barthel Stadium in Euro 2016 Qualifying. After an inexcusably loss to Slovakia mid week, luckily for Vincente Del Bosque and Spanish fans alike, La Roja came out with a magnificent scoreline of 4-0.

This kind of performance can anticipate change for the better, but it shouldn’t be assumed that all of Spain’s problems have been fixed. What it does say however, is that Del Bosque is taking their loss seriously and making corrections where needed to improve the status of the squad and their performances in the Euro Qualification process. Captain and first choice goalkeeper, Iker Casilla’s was benched against the Western European side for the likes of Manchester United keeper David De Gea. It proved to be a good choice, but we must not forget that Casilla’s is not the sole flaw in the function of the squad.

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What also seemed to add to their success was Del Bosque’s uncommon Spanish formation, with two frontline strikers upfront in Diego Costa and Paco Alcarer. Costa attempted and failed more than once in the first half to score a goal, lifting his shirt over his face in frustration more than once. Luckily for the Brazilian, Costa finally embedded his mark on the international stage with a goal to tally the Spaniards to 3-0. With wonderful torso control to adhere the ball , he swung his body swiftly to twist and strike the ball into the back of the net. Finally after 7 appearances for the Spanish side, Costa unlocked his goal drought.

It should also be noted, as he has also suffered in defeat, a wonderful performance by David Silva tonight, who opened scoring against Luxembourg with a fast touch past the sluggish defense. Although Luxembourg did press Spain up the pitch on many occasions, most of the match was spent on the home side where Spain were able to translate their defeat into effective passing and efficient counter attacks. This can be accredited to Del Bosque’s decisions to place two strikers up front–as it allowed the midfield to find more options while formulating their next crafted attack from the mid line. The hope is, as Spain have obviously been effected by defeat, that they will also be effected by victory. Although the score line stood at 4-0 at the end of the match, Spain still had nervous start against a side whose international accolades are not closely shared with the likes of La Roja.

Much can still be worked on. Marc Barta proved to be a fine replacement for first choice Sergio Ramos, as he played alongside veteran Gerrard Pique and fast paced full backs Dani Carvahaj and Jordi Alba pushing forward on the same wave links.

Yet, the overall power of the squad should continue to refine their strengths to become a counter attacking force. With performances such as this though, Spanish fans have great things to look out for as qualifying continues.

With the likes of debutants Rodrigo and Juan Bernat teaming up to make one final attack against the Western European side in the 88th minute, to conclude in a goal for Bernat, the flourishing positivity of the Spanish youngsters can provide aid for Del Bosque and his choices for Euro 2016.