Tottenham Hotspur Sign Southampton Scout Paul Mitchell


Tottenham Hotspur fans, I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.

Let’s start with the bad news first. Your team is not playing very well and I don’t see it getting much better this season. But here is the good news, Spurs is set to sign Paul Mitchell.

Wait, why does Spur need to sign a deal for hair products? Doesn’t Erik Lamela use enough hair gel? Sorry to confuse you, but I am not talking about the hair stylist Paul Mitchell.

So then who is Paul Mitchell and what position does he play?

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Well this is why Spurs is not going to start getting any better in the immediate future. Mitchell is currently the head football scout for Southampton. So no, he will not be seen coming out of the tunnel at White Hart Lane wearing the shirt of Tottenham.

So why is this a big deal? For those of you who are unaware of the Southampton academy and the players they have produced, let me get you all caught up.

Take a look at these names that have come through the Saint’s academy:

Calum Chambers

Adam Lallana

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Luke Shaw

Theo Walcott

Gareth Bale

Yes, that final name on the list is correct. The most expensive footballer in the history or the world, Gareth Bale, was once at St. Mary’s before making the move to Spurs and eventually the 100 million euro move to Real Madrid.

But not only has Southampton been able to develop young stars, they have also performed a modern miracle this past transfer window by selling their best players and replacing them with lesser-known talent which has turned out to be better than what they lost.

Spurs on the other hand has done the exact opposite. When they sold Gareth Bale in 2013 to Real Madrid, they spent all the money from the sale to buy a bunch of players who have, well, not met expectations.

Most people expected Southampton to be flirting with the relegation zone this year, but instead, they are contending for a title. While over in North London, many thought this would be the year Spurs break through and get back into the top four. But that simply does not look like it’s going to happen.

This move for Spurs has the potential to be HUGE for the club. Mitchell will once again be reunited with Mauricio Pochettino and they will attempt to recreate the magic they made on the southern coast of England. If Mitchell was able to have so much success on Southampton’s budget, we can only imagine what he will be able to do with Tottenham’s money.

Like I said above, this move does not turn Tottenham Hotspurs into a contender this season or maybe for the next couple of years. But if they can purchase the right players for the right price and develop young stars within their own academy, Spurs may one day get back up to the level their fans have longed for.