Thanksgiving: What Are You Thankful for Soccer Fans?


Playing for 90 and the entire Fansided network wish all of our readers a Happy Thanksgiving. We are grateful for our readers that actively contribute to making us better and talking about what we all love, sports. In this case, we spend most of the time talking soccer, whether its MLS, EPL, US Men’s and Women’s National Team, or any other league.

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On this Thanksgiving, there is much to be grateful for. If you are reading this, you most likely have internet and the ability to keep up with your favorite leagues, teams, and players. The list below is what I am thankful for. This is not exhaustive and includes things related to soccer and sports. Personally, I’m thankful for my family, friends, and the ability to write for Playing for 90, a general soccer FanSided site.


Soccer fans are a family. Game in and game out they fill their favorite team’s family to cheer on their team. When the fans aren’t with their biological family, they are usually with their soccer family. When tragedy strikes, these fans band together as one and support those affected.

These fans are united by one thing: The players on the field kicking around a ball looking for a win. Likewise, fans can be thankful that their biological family allows them to go crazy with their soccer fans.

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  • Winter Transfer Window

    Whether your team is currently competing or in the offseason, the Winter transfer window will be here shortly. This is the time for your team to sell unwanted players and to try to improve. Some fans have been disappointed in their team’s signings (or lack thereof) in the Summer transfer window.

    The tenure of some coaches will end based solely on the transfer window. Likewise, it’s a fun time for fans to follow the crazy rumors and see who your team is aiming to sign.

    It’s calm now around the world, but when the transfer window opens let the chaos commence.

    A Team to Support

    It may sound silly, but many people’s lives would be different without a team to support. Some teams especially in Major League Soccer were founded behind a strong fan presence.

    Teams would not exist if it wasn’t behind the support of the fans. On countless occasions, fans cause havoc for the away team and become the “12th man” in soccer and football.

    Sports would feel very different without the fans and the hardcore supporters. Game in and game out the supporters wave their flags, support their team, and own their respective section for a full 90. Just like our site’s title, Playing for 90, these fans support for 90 (if not longer given extra time games).

    Let us know soccer fans. What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving?

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