MLS Trade Updates through December 11


Well it’s that wacky time of the year in MLS. You have half trade days, expansion drafts, waiver drafts, dispersal drafts and re-entry drafts. Are you confused yet? I sure hope not. There is a bunch more activity going on in MLS than most people can keep up with.

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That is exactly why here at Playingfor90 we have dedicated ourselves to do our best to stay on top of every little transaction that happens in MLS. I’m not a lifelong MLS fan but I have been following the league religiously since 2009 and I have yet to fully understand every little rule or draft that the league has every off-season. I understand the re-entry draft as it is allowing players to be drafted by other teams, but to have it done twice over the course of seven days?

Whatever MLS. You know what you are doing right?

I want to give a recap of the dispersal draft that happened back on November 19th.

[table id=6 /]

Only seven players were taken as you can see. Not that it’s that big of a shock but I thought that maybe Orlando City SC would have taken a player like New York City FC did, but they chose not to draft anyone.

The MLS Expansion Draft was held on Wednesday afternoon and there weren’t that many surprises if you ask me. Actually there were two surprises. I will let you take a look at the picks and you can tell me which two you think surprised me.

[table id=11 /]

Did you figure it out? If not, it was Donovan Ricketts going first and also the selection of George John. Hey, what do I know right?

After the dispersal draft and waiver draft, there were three trades that went on. One of them I found really interesting and I want to dig into it a little bit more if I have a chance later down the road. If you have been keeping an eye on everything that has happened the last few days, you will know exactly which trade I am talking about.

Take a look:

It is a season long loan to New York City FC. Meara cannot play against the Red Bulls during MLS play


If you were not able to figure it out, it was the trade that sent Daniel Lovitz back to Toronto. Yes, you read that correctly. I said back. New York City FC picked him up in the expansion draft today. When that happened, Toronto was given $50,000 in allocation money. Now Toronto makes a trade with New York City to get Lovitz back and they trade them allocation money? Seems weird to me.



Not a lot of action for the Western Conference teams. Only three clubs actually acquired a player and not just allocation money. The Eastern Conference was a little more busy with Orlando City SC and New York City FC making a ton of trades. Take a look at the Eastern Conference.


Check back with Playingfor90 to get all of the latest updates on trades and transactions in during MLS funny season.

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