NYCFC Look To Danielle De Rossi To Complete DP Signings


After NYCFC failed to sign Spanish International, Xavi, it seems the club has a new midfielder in there sites, Italian international, Danielle De Rossi. The move would make NYCFC arguably the best DP loaded team in MLS.

Having the likes of David Villa, Frank Lampard and De Rossi all on the same roster would give opposing teams a terrible time to game plan against. Along with the many others already added to the NYCFC roster due to the Expansion Draft and Reentry Draft, adding De Rossi just seems unfair.

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Unfortunately for NYCFC, their across town rivals, the New York Red Bulls are also looking to get De Rossi’s services. If it is not one thing, it is another for NYCFC. It seems that the Red Bulls share similar interests in most international players. Both club’s looked to get Xavi’s services at one time or another, but neither managed to win that battle. Now, De Rossi seems to be the next big thing.

The potential of De Rossi moving to MLS is still very small. A lot of the move depends on how his club, A.S. Roma, does in this season in Serie A.

Football Italia revealed that De Rossi would only consider a move if Roma won the Scudetto.  Roma sit three points behind rival Juventus for the top spot in Serie A. This is not the first time that De Rossi has pondered a move away from Roma. Two seasons ago, there were huge rumors of his move to EPL giants, Manchester City. Although he opted to stay, it is obviously known that De Rossi is open to leaving Roma for either the England or MLS version of City.

Whether De Rossi makes a move to NYCFC or the Red Bulls, one thing is certain, his impact will change any team for the better. The Italian international is 31 and needs new life injected into his career. De Rossi does not see the field as often as he once did, due to lack of production on his part.

The same argument about MLS will always comes up, this league is a retirement league. Sure, there are young and talented players scattered throughout the league, but how many of those players are great at an international level? Not many. Looking at league like the EPL, Serie A and Budesliga prove how international stars make a league better.

If MLS want’s to build a larger viewership, start bringing in players from Europe that are under the age of 30. Ok, rant is over. But my thoughts I know are shared by many fans of the league. We love MLS, but for the league to grow, start bringing in players who do not have more than seven years of experience under their belt.

De Rossi will make NYCFC an immediate MLS Cup contender, but only time will tell if the move actually occurs or not, Make sure to check back here at Playing For 90 on whatever the Italian decides to do with his career.

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