Is Freddy Adu Headed Back To MLS?


Rumors of Freddy Adu back in MLS after surviving playing in Ukraine as the country was invaded by Russia. Could it happen just one more time? Sure why not Freddy Adu seems to have more lives than a cat as he has played for ten teams in the last ten years. With the start of 2015 and Adu without a team, he has been training on his own back home in Washington D.C. The rumor reported on Twitter by Steven Goff @Soccer Insider is that two teams from MLS have reached out to him. Since then another article was released late Wednesday night with more information. Will Freddy Adu return to MLS?

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  • So the question begs, who would reach out to Freddy? For me there is really only one team that could take on Adu at this point and make it work, and that is the LA Galaxy. After missing out on signing Sacha Kljestan to the New York Red Bulls and trading away Marcelo Sarvas and an international spot for the third allocation spot and allocation money; the Galaxy might be able to fit him on to their roster. Adu at 25 doesn’t seem to have many options left and Bruce Arena might be his last hope.

    Going to the Galaxy, Freddy would be an afterthought on a team with three DP’s and one being Steven Gerrard coming this summer. Adu would be smart to look at how Robbie Rodgers turned his career around and is being mentioned again as a candidate for the USMNT again since coming to LA. If he wants to impress Jurgen Klinsmann, there is no better place to do it right now then playing for the defending champs. Also it wouldn’t hurt his ego so much to play for the Galaxy.

    The Galaxy who owns the second spot in the allocation order now after they were out maneuvered by the Red Bulls, could make this happen. Although the article from The Washington Post is a little sketchy when it comes to the allocation order, it wouldn’t matter much to the Galaxy. With allocation money to pay down his contract, they should be able to fit him onto the roster.

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    Besides they have to use the pick before the end of the season or they gave up Sarvas for basically just allocation money. So depending on his status, they still sit in the driver’s seat for a return to MLS. Looking at who might return to the league this summer and nothing really jumps out, so Adu might be worth the risk. The Galaxy also has been a destination for above average MLS veterans signing with the team. Mike Magee, Alan Gordon & Edson Buddle are some of the players who have found success playing in Los Angles.

    So far Freddy’s career has consisted of a 174 appearances for ten different teams since 2014. Of those 174, 133 games have happened in MLS with just 41 outside the league. He’s played for the USMNT 17 times and has 2 goals to show for it. Once hyped as the next American Pele at the age of 14, Freddy has yet to play up to such lofty expectations. With ten years behind him and now 25, can he get yet one more shot? He would only be 28 for the next World Cup in Russia and with all the returning players to MLS this season, he be wise to jump at an opportunity if the Galaxy come a calling.  The only other team outside MLS that might want to take him on would be the New York Cosmos but I would think he might want to keep that as his last resort.

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