FIFA: How Sepp Blatter sullied football


FIFA has shown a lack of respect for the beautiful game and Fabian Funes believes it’s time for them to pay for their sins…

Years ago, in 2001, Diego Maradona stood in the middle of La Bombonera’s historic pitch and gave his famed speech. Maradona survived a glamorous career as the best footballer in the history of the sport; and also went through controversies with his many drug addictions. D10S stood there, tears running down his cheeks, a humbled man with his heart full of appreciation for those who loved him throughout all his greatness and mistakes. This was the moment he delivered the words that have resounded within every football fan since:

"“El futbol es el deporte mas lindo y mas sano del mundo. Porque si se equivoque uno, no tiene que pagar el futbol. Yo me equivoqué y pagué – pero la pelota no se mancha.”More from International SoccerSpain players not joining national teamEuro 2024 qualifying match preview: Scotland at CyprusJorge Vilda axed as Spain managerFIFA suspends Spanish FA president Luis RubialesBrazil appoints Fernando Diniz as new interim head coach"

In English this translates to:

"“Football is the most beautiful sport in the world. If one person messes up, football doesn’t have to pay. I messed up, and I paid. But the ball, the ball doesn’t stain.“"

Every football fan has cheered; and most importantly cried for their team. This is why football has such an immense place in the hearts of many of us. Football is a display of humanity. Humanity that is seen when a goal is scored and even when a goal is missed. Football is a game that imitates life; including the sorrow.

As the dark clouds of FIFA begin to regress, day by day more horrid rumors come to light. Accusations of Ireland getting paid by FIFA to not to make a fuss about a hand ball; the Germans selling weapons to Saudia Arabia for votes to a failed bid for World Cup 2006; and now Egypt claims that Jack Warner wanted a $7m bribe to vote for them to host a World Cup.

Sepp Blatter-FIFA
Sepp Blatter-FIFA /

The situation is getting critical and these are the claims that have only just come out with a few days into the investigation. Although this is not too shocking for many of us; I can assure you that there will be more shocking allegations to come. These men attempted to make a mockery of something that is divine but it is not the ball, but their names that will be left in the dirt.

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We must understand that this is a necessity for the sport of football. That we may finally rid ourselves of the leeches that used our sport to shamelessly fatten their pockets. I hope that Greg Dyke’s prediction is correct and the law has Sepp Blatter incarcerated for his display of apathy towards the art of football. The fanatics have been dormant in regards to most of the dealings within FIFA and other organizations. This is the moment that can bring all around beauty back to the game and each of us must do their part.

La pelota no se mancha.