Copa America Group B Match Preview: Uruguay vs Jamaica


Uruguay come in as the defending champions with nobody expecting them to get far without their talisman Luis Suarez. They are facing a complicated side in Jamaica, who have the capabilities of making anyone pay if they are not taken seriously.

La Celeste are hoping that their wise coach, Oscar Tabarez, has the tactical wisdom to use their current assets to confuse their opponents. The eyes of the world are going to be on Edinson Cavani as the weight of the country has fallen squarely on his shoulders; he must provide them the reasons to celebrate.

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Uruguay have history on their side–they have defended their Copa America trophy three times since 1991, though they did fail to do so in 1995. There is no doubt that the Uruguayans will come in with the confidence of knowing that their small country of 3 million has provided players who have won the Copa American 15 times. They will harness the essence of their fathers and grandfathers which will propel them to glory for the 16th time.

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Jamaica come in as the the sacrificial lamb, but that is not to say that they will be easy to deal with. This will be the Jamaicans first foray into the stellar competition that is Copa America. They must have some tricks up their sleeve as they accepted the invitation to come to South America and take on some of the best talent in the world. The Reggae Boys have a carefree and fluid style of play that can be very entertaining to watch, yet, can also catch their opponents with their boots off. The odds, which are 500-1, are most definitely against the Jamaicans. They have the talent to make some noise against in their group and gain some experience for next year’s Copa America.

3 Things To Watch Out For

1. Cavani’s and Godin’s Performance

This will not be the end of his career if he does not provide the goals for Uruguay, but this is the time to do it. Next year will mark the return of Luis Suarez to the team and he will have to share the spotlight. Cavani has shown levels of sheer brilliance and the time is now for him to amaze the world. How many headers will Diego Godin score?

2. Tactics The Jamaicans Might Use

My heart is telling me that the Jamaicans will put up a good fight but will fall to the Uruguayans–it’s a heart of a die-hard fan. What we can witness is the manner in which Jamaica decide to carry themselves. They can get a great gauge of the level of the competition against Uruguay and then use that knowledge to complicate the lives of the Argentinians and the Paraguayans.

3. How Will Fernando Muslera Keep Himself Busy?

Uruguay has a solid defense so I do not see many balls making it to Muslera. How in the world is he going to keep himself busy? Of course, I am kidding. I am sure the Reggae Boyz will send a test or two his way but in the mean time, he can rally the crowd into a chant of: Soy Celeste, Soy Celeste, Celeste Soy Yo!