CA2015 Group B Preview: 3 things to watch in Uruguay vs Paragruay


Uruguay found themselves on the losing side of their second game in the competition against favorites Argentina. Let’s be honest, Uruguay should have won that game; they had three shots that should have went in but, for some wickedness, they didn’t. Now they are stuck in third place with three points but should advance into the next stage with a tie or a win.

Paraguay have been nothing but impressive in this campaign. Ramon Diaz has injected this team with the same fervor and grit that he did while he was the coach of River Plate. Paraguay is currently in second place on the tablefor Group B and will definitely advance to the next stage whether they win or lose.

Neither team will give the other any room to create the chances to make plays and score goals. This last round of the group stage has three teams of Group B all looking to take the place of #1 on the table. Paraguay have their own destiny in their hands but Uruguay must win their game and hope that Argentina either lose or get a tie for them to claim the top spot. As predicted, Copa America has beel full of upsets and complications for all teams involved.

Let’s take a look at three things to look out for.

1. The Fierce Attack Of Uruguay

When Uruguay is in a corner, they fight like dogs to get out of it. In the match against Argentina, Uruguay decided to try and play the defensive tactic by parking the bus. That was until their defense got penetrated by an Argentina strike courtesy of Sergio Aguero. La Celeste woke up like a swarm of bees and began to pour their hearts out trying to both the equaliser and the winning shot. By some misfortune, they missed three shots destined to hit the back of net. It was heartbreaking. Uruguay now truly find themselves in a situation that demands a reaction from the whole staff and the players. Look forward to them sweating all game long in search for those three points and the top spot of the table.

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2. Paraguay’s Gritty Attack

It has been apparent that Paraguay are here to have their names lifted to the heights of the other giants of South America. Having already qualified for the next stage, Paraguay can rest easy knowing that any result from this game will not hurt them going forward in points, but it can hurt them in momentum. Look for Paraguay to not play a defensive style of football and rather give Uruguay a dog fight. Lucas Barrios and Valdez have been the heart and lungs of this Paraguayan side; look for them to lead the attack that will attempt to leave La Celeste is tattered rags.

3. Edinson Cavani Searching For Goals

Mr. Cavani has been playing exceptionally well and had a great performance in the losing effort against Argentina. Cavani has always been second fiddle to the orchestra that is Luis Suarez, and no is the time to come out. Edinson was suppose to be scoring goals since the first game but I believe that this next match will be his coming out party. It had been said that Uruguay could not win a match without Suarez; that has alrady been proven wrong. Edinson will be seaching for the perfect shot to get past the keeper an claim glory for himself and his country, even without the golden boy.